Dying Light 2
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I wanted to have a better hook, that's it

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I've tried many value for hook, trying to be similar to Dying light 1 but i didn't succeed, it seems like im still missing one thing so if anyone have some idea, we can discuss about it and try it also

What the mod does ?

Grappling hook buff, but it comes with other feature to prevent it to be useless :
-Grab distance buffed by 2, and jumping while using grapple buff while make you move further and higher, more like a spiderman 
-no fall damage
-no stamina cost for grappling hook
-reduce the stamina cost of the sprint and longer time run sprint (when u sprint with the grappling hook it'll make you'll move further, that's why i edited that)

https://youtu.be/GaONVsLrrmA if you want to hae a look before dl

By pressing space u have the "casual" jump, but if you press the middle button on the mouse again, you will jump higher, more like a spiderman

Download instructions :
Unzip the file wherever you want
Copy the data2.pak
past it inside the source folder ( Dying light 2\ph\source)

What if i have other mod ?

if u have already a data2.pak then rename one of them data3.pak
With winrar, open the pak file itself, go to scripts\player and right click, extract it, open the second mod u want to move the file, go in the same path scripts\player (create one if there isn't one) and move it (i can do a video if u have hard time).

 -But both pak edit the same .scr, how can i make both of them works ?

With notepad++ u can edit the .scr, u have to found what u need to change in the file of the mod to make both of them work, i might as well do a video if pple have hard time with it.