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1000+ new custom enemies with 3 new factions, 1000+ new weapons, armors, tools, bundles, and accessories, A Mod Settings config, 28 NPC Companions, Overhauled Loot System, Trophy Exchange system, All AI Behavior has been overhauled

Permissions and credits
Link to Infinity Designer for Dying Light 2
Link to I Am Legion for Dead Island Definitive Edition
Link to I Am Legion for Dying Light 1

This project has been an incredibly exciting and interesting journey into reverse engineering many of the Dying Light 2 system mechanics, to be able to create new and exciting content for the PC gaming community. 

During it's progress since Feb 2022, there were:
- over 2 million line changes and additions to the games code,
- over 490 released code updates,
- 2 custom launchers (python and C#),
- Auto-updating mechanics with player selections,
- a character creation engine (Infinity Designer),
- 5 custom game difficulties,
- 9 optional extended modules players could install to add systems like Hunger and Thirst mechanics,
- 2 unofficial events,
- 5 "pathways" the player can choose with background stories and custom gear when starting the game,
- multiplayer support tools for pairing and syncing data,
- a code customization layer for the community to create their own configurations and balancing for the game,
- savegame support tools,
- over 1600 new NPC models,
- new enemy types,
- Companions,
- Base Building,
- new factions,
- new spawn systems,
- new weapons,
- new armor tier systems (weight/movement systems/swimming/parkour effects, class systems),
- new AI behaviors and unique custom AI entities inside the game,
- with 6 ingame and 27 application translation languages supported.

There were unofficial discussions of the acquisition of this project for over 6 months, with discussions of Official support utilizing developers and designers, and the playing of this work internally at Techland with shoutouts from the Franchise Director Tymon Smektala

Thanks for supporting my work and being a part of the community.

This is a complete overhaul to Dying Light 2 based on the original mod for I Am Legion for Dying Light 1.

Explore a whole new realm in Dying Light 2 with the IALR Mod, now more powerful, versatile, and immersive than ever.
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Official I Am Legion Reborn Manual - LOTS more information

I have trained an AI to help answer your questions for the mod. Give this a try for any questions you may have, it's currently answering based on the documentation and the discord discussions so please let me know how it does answering the questions you may have:

  • This mod was created 3 days after the release of the game and will continue to bring updates 24-48hrs after every major official update to the game.
  • This mod is completely compatible with the story-line of the main game, is meant to be lore friendly, and it supports 4 new difficulties: Casual Survivor, Survivor, Ultimate Survivor, and Insanity. Scroll down for the Difficulty Explanation to learn more. You can start a new game or use one that you already have. NG+ has a greater number of infected spawns and difficulty, I would recommend trying the mod with the regular game first and learn the new features before going to NG+.
  • This mod contains a Mod Config setting file that allows you to pick and choose your world and define a lot of the things you will normally require other mods for. Make sure to check out this feature, as it contains hundreds of options for game-play. Scroll down and check out the Mod Config Tutorial video for more information and the features manual for in-depth breakdown of settings.
  • This mod is multiplayer compatible and was built for playing with friends. The host and clients should remove all mods, run file verification, install IALR on the host and client systems using the installer and everyone MUST have the same settings selected. Make sure to check out the Mod Config as there are settings for COOP difficulty based on the mod difficulty. The host should set all Mod Config settings in the Data2.pak and then test to confirm everything is running as expected. Once everything is running on the Host system, send the Data2.pak and Data3.pak from the host to all clients and everything should work. Confirm with the clients first that everything is working as expected and then install other mods if needed and test as you go.
  • This mod breaks with each official update to the game and has to be updated every time as the mod is an Overhaul to every game system. Please always check the VERSION COMPATIBILITY on the file downloads section and use the custom mod banner when running the game to ensure it is compatible. You can join the Discord Community to get all the latest updates from the IALRReleaseChannel where I will mention whether the update is safe or not to play with the mod until I get an update out.
  • Please protect your savegame by backing it up before playing with this mod and utilize the Discord release channel for the update schedule and most current bug-list as the updates roll on from Techland. The updates use to be a lot safer with mods but since the 1.6.0 and 1.9.0 update, there are inventory bugs that will cause crashes if you have custom items that are forcibly removed when the mod is no longer found. This can cause crashing if you don't run file verification after removing the mod but it's always best to have a backup point before the custom content is added to your game if you have 100+ hours of gameplay you want to protect.
  • "...STEAMDIR\userdata\YouruserID\534380\remote\out\save" - These are the actual saves for the game, not the ones found in "Documents\DL2"
  • That all being said, you should ask the community if you have doubts about adding the mod, I'm biased of course but people are pretty excited.
  • Please make sure to check out the documentation for most of your questions, as it is extensive and covers the most amount of information.
  • Manual , Youtube channel
  • This mod is not perfect, it is built off thousands of hours of balancing and new feature development that would love your feedback and notes on how to improve. IALR Content is meant for the Vanilla players who wants some of the new features such as the diverse enemies without as much difficulty. This version needs the most feedback, as it is meant for the community and not something I play as much.
  • This mod includes a lot of community requests based on feedback provided. All feedback for the mod is highly encouraged and welcome.
  • This mod will never hide behind a paywall. This mod will continue to grow and build with the communities feedback and support and I sincerely appreciate everyone who has donated and contributed to it's success over the last year and a half.
  • This mod contains roughly 1.5 million line changes and additions to the original game since the start of the mod. As such, it can take a lot of work to balance so the more information you provide the better I can design the updates.

That's all nice to know but what does this mod do exactly?
This mod features several unique features:
  • Battle against over 1000+ new enemy variants with new Biters, including new crawlers, child biters (optional to disable child representations), and Viral variants. Encounter new forms of terror with the new Banshee, Goon, Screamer, and volatile variants. This mod introduces the Day Stalker Volatile, Swamp Volatile, Running Goons, and climbing Demolishers.
  • Dynamically pathing, roaming volatiles have been added to the mod back in 0.8 (2022), (these are different from the Node Based Patroling Volatiles from the latest update), which has the city filled with crawling volatiles climbing through the city looking for victims. The mod supports the latest version of the Good Night, Good luck update by continuing to support the New Chase/Mini-Chase System along with the new patrolling Volatiles added by the update. The New Chase System utilizes sound and the detection of the player to create unique world experiences by allowing custom spawn pools to spawn (configurable in the Mod Config (Screamer, Chase, Volatile, Day Hunter, and Night Hunter pools)) when running through the city and causing Howlers to alarm. Howlers will no longer start the "Chase" code, but rather bring the city down on your head and have the chance of spawning Banshees, Goons, Demolishers, Chargers, GRE Anomalies along with the new Patrolling Volatiles and the new GRE Volatile, which will begin the full chase. This feature can be disabled if you want Howlers to start the Chase initially, see 1.4's release notes for more.
  • Navigate the new threats posed by the flooded region infected, introducing the new Day Stalker and Swamp variant of the Volatiles that are covered in thick chemical mud that protects them from the sunlight and are creeping through the city hunting the player.
  • Enhancing the factional conflict in the game, IALR introduces 3 new Factions: The Wolves, PlagueBearers, and WorldBurners, which also includes a challenging new boss.
  • Enjoy more immersive human world diversity with with 486 new human models and custom loot. The Peacekeeper faction, who have received their E3 color back to their armor, with a new Engineer class working to rebuild the city along with the new Shield Bearer Heavy PK Troops and female Peacekeeper troops enter the ranks. The Renegade faction has a new faction of blood red renegades that features new Elite renegades that are armed to the teeth and deadly. The Renegade faction has also received female Renegade troops. Furthermore, anticipate a revamped bandit system with 8 new bandit factions.
  • The mod introduces an inventory of 1250+ new items total with 183 new weapons, bows, crossbows, flamethrowers, throwing weapons, survivor
    tools, diversifying your combat options, exploration, and immersive experiences.
  • Outfit your character with over 824 new pieces of unique armor and interact with the world using 75 new tools.
  • Base building becomes possible inside the mod with 18 new deploy-able items.This feature is still being developed, check the roadmap for more information!
  • AI behavior is completely revamped  and 121 new AI preset variants, each with custom loot tables and items from the new inventory, increasing the range of enemies you can encounter, ensuring every encounter is uniquely challenging.
  • On your journey, meet 28 NPC companions and interact with 5 custom traders, making the post-apocalyptic world feel more alive.
  • With the mods version of Play the Zombie, collect the skins of various infected types in the game, including the Banshee, Goon, and Volatile and roam the city wearing the skins of the fallen infected with unique weapons and with consumables that make you move like your enemies.
  • Choose from 50 new player appearances, including female playable characters and Legendary skins.
  • Experience a dynamic game world with the modified spawn system, new buff/skills system, healing and health definitions, and 104 custom prefabs that alter the city's zones based on storyline elements.
  • The Pathways feature further enriches game-play by allowing players to change their starting inventory to take on the world with each offering unique starter items or rewards.
  • Take part in a new event to honor fallen soldiers and earn care packages in return for collected dog tags, introducing a new reward system into the game.
  • The loot system is overhauled to increase spawn rates and introduce new loot, including flamethrower gear from the World Burners faction.
  • Explore the updated swamp biome with increased enemy diversity and rare spawns that are active during the day.
  • Currently IALR provides the optional Language support for: French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. Sadly the optional does not currently contain the Special Characters needed for the full translation but join in the community effort to break language barriers and help replace the terrible google translator based language support. International Translation Google Sheet

Important notes before you download:
  • This mod is not compatible with Vortex or any other mod managers! It comes with it's own installer. For how to use the installer please scroll down
    to the Installer Tutorial.
  • BEFORE INSTALLING THE MOD - Go ahead and run steam file verification, use the install guide video if you don't know how, 90% of players reported bugs are normally caused by a bad vanilla updates when official versions drop through steam.
  • This mod does not support the cracked versions of the game, as it is being updated to support the latest version of the game.
  • To better assist with finding bugs with the mod, please remove all other mods before starting the bug report, and please provide as much detail as possible as it will likely take reproducing the exact conditions to find the issue. This is very time consuming and so anything you can provide including a savegame through the discord will greatly help. Thank you!
  • If installed correctly, a custom menu is included with the mod to show you the latest supported version. If these versions do not match up, then please be aware that your save game could be at risk using mods in general. Please wait until the modders have updated their mods to support the latest version.
  • There is a vanilla caused bug with updating the game with mods installed that is causing players to lose their inventories. The current known fix (not a mod issue), is to remove all mods, roll your save game back using the ingame menu, and then reinstall the mods.
  • This mod contains an extended version of my "Physics Are Back" mode that focuses on more realism and intensity

Compatible Mods list:

  • All animation and parkour based mods should work, just make sure they come after Data3.pak (Data4, Data5,etc)
  • Post Process Effects - All-In-One is compatible and works well with IALR
  • Fair prices mods are not supported, currently implemented in the mod by default and with config settings,
  • Level scaling mods are not supported, currently implemented in the mod by default and with config settings,
  • Dismember mods are not supported, currently implemented in the mod by default and with config settings,
  • Slower time cycles mods are not supported, currently implemented in the mod by default and with config settings,
  • More zombies mods are not supported, currently implemented in the mod by default and with config settings,
  • Weather system mods are not supported, currently implemented in the mod by default and with config settings,
  • But technically all of these types of mods can override the settings of IALR but may cause instability if placed at a higher level (Data4, Data5,etc)

There are three versions of the mod for you to try, for each you can select the difficulty using the installer. At any time you can change the difficulty of the mod by simply running the installer again and selecting the new difficulty

Difficulty Explanation:
Casual Survivor: This version of the mod is meant for those of you who enjoy the pacing and difficulty of the vanilla game but are interested in new features specific to IALR. This version of the mod needs to most feedback because it is not one that I play often, so I want to hear your feedback to understand what you prefer as the vanilla player.

Survivor: This version of the mod is meant for all the Lore based players who want a challenging and interesting game without the intensity. Zombies will be more dense on the map than Casual Survivor and will also be able to hear the players actions better. Banshees, chargers, and goons have been added back to the world so you'll have more to deal with on top of a redesigned HumanAI, now designed to clear the streets and take back the city from the other factions. This should be everyone's recommended difficulty to start with, if you want and easier experience then change to Casual and if you are familiar with the game and want to be always under threat when outside a base, look to Ultimate.

Ultimate Survivor: This version is meant to give players something new once they have played the game and know the basic functions and actions. The zombies can run and climb, and so you're never really safe once outside a base. The most climbers and runners but with better balancing for the experienced player looking to play Ultimate Survivor through the main quest. The spawns are much higher, the volatiles more deadly, and HumanAI will be relentless.

Insanity: A new difficulty has been added to the mod that will bring new levels of challenges. This version of the mod is meant for the players that want to see all the new enemies added by the mod while also receiving a constant stream of enemy attackers based on if the player is running. You can set your Walk Toggle in the games settings to avoid awakening the Infected and Daytime hunters. You can get more loot by default while using this version of the mod and there is a greater mix of Walkers vs. Runners found in this version for balancing. IALR Veterans recommended.

Here is the upcoming roadmap for the mod for 2023. This includes core features that will be added to the mod, along with content added based
on hitting new tiers of patreon supporters as we go. Lots of great things coming for everyone and thank you all for your support and appreciation of my work.

-This mod does not require any other mods, I would highly recommend uninstalling all mods first, install IALR and then reinstall each mod to make sure the other mods are compatible and updated before reporting bugs with IALR.
Guide made by one of the players! - AКΞRU TV

_____________________________________Uninstalling IALR:_______________________________
- If you want to return to the vanilla game, after running the uninstaller you must run Steam or Epic's file verification to properly detect the changes made by the mod and restore the game to the vanilla state.


_____________________________________Discord Channel for the mod:_____________________________________
Since the mods release we now have over 1200+ users in the discord channel all willing to give advice and tips on how to configure or fix issues. I'm in the channel daily as "DocOnHoliday", feel free to reach out for any questions!


_____________________________________Support the mod:_____________________________________
The I Am Legion series continues to support the updates to the Dying Light games and thus requires a lot of hours to help maintain and fix ongoing bugs. The patreon also allows you to vote on new features and get access to custom solutions such as the AutoUpdate tool for the mod. Thank you for any support given, I appreciate it. If you do donate, please let me know on the discord channel so I can add you to a supporter list.


_____________________________________Change log: _____________________________________
Link to the full Changelog for IALR