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About this mod

Adds the Dev-menu back into the game :)

Permissions and credits
Re-enables the Developer menu that was left behind in the game files.
(Note as of 4/25/22: I am no longer working on this project. Read the comments for more info.)

Thank you PC-Gamer for covering my menu! >> The Article <3 <<

Thank you NME for linking to my mod! >> The Article <3 <<

Current Notes: 
1. There is now a seperate EGS version as of 2/9/2022. Hope everyone enjoys on Epic Games!!!

To Install (NEW): 
To Install (NEW): 
1. Download the file
2. Open the zip.
3. Go into the folder "Dying Light 2 Menu"
4. Drag and drop all of the contents into the main Dying Light 2 Folder
5. Start the game and make a new save. When you pause the menu will be there :D

Q&A Section:

1. Will I get banned for using this?
A. No you will not. The game doesn't have an anti-cheat and no PvP elements. They dont care about it.

2. Features like Godmode and one hit kill dont work!?
A. Either the features were scrapped during the Development of Dying Light 2 or the buttons themselves are broke. I don't care on fixing it right now but in the future Ill look into it.

3. How do I un-install the menu?
A. Remove data2.pak from "/ph/source" and then verify game files :)

4. The menu doesn't fit my screen! What do I do?
A. Lower your resolution to 1080p. I don't have a 2k - 4k monitor so I cant test if it fits. Although in the near future I will look into it.

5. Why isnt co-op working?!
A. Seeing as when you install the menu we have to give you older files to play with it. People that dont have the menu won't be able to connect to you seeing as your files are different. If you are playing with a friend just send them the menu. :)

6. Oh no they patched it!? OMG!?
A. Probably not, The game just probably got an update so u need to re-install the menu. If they end up removing the files for the menu as well dont worry I have backups of the game saved on my server just in-case. :)