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This mod overhauls the gameplay difficulty! NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART OR CASUAL GAMERS! You will probably die A LOT!

Permissions and credits


(backup your saves and data directory. Saves are in the root directory of your game, folder named "Profile", data directory should be C:\Users\"Your name"\Documents\DyingLight\out)

This mod is REALLY hard! BEWARE! 


If you want the mod without my graphical options, and you have used my mod before, delete the out/data/scripts folder and then extract the new version

-adjusted stamina so you can attack more often

-added loot(weapons, weapon upgrades, ammo...) to the cupboards, cabinets etc.

-removed my Dying Light Manager options from the mod. I think it should be fine now, but tell me if your graphics settings are changing again (sorry guys for that, really, im new to this :) )

-upgraded the mod with "Super Aggressive Zombies Mod by KNG version 0.3", link: http://www.nexusmods.com/dyinglight/mods/37/? 


-deleted the "postprocess" folder from my mod so it doesnt affect your graphics settings, it has been created by my options in the Dying Light Manager, sorry for that guys :)


Gameplay Changes:

1)Harder enemies, more spawns, more hp, more damage, crazy 28 days later behavior.

-enemies can see and hear you from farther away, also all of the normal zombies can climb and run now 

-they NEVER give up on running after you

-their hp is greatly increased, but the damage you deal is also scaled properly

(includes a part of "Super Aggressive Zombies Mod by KNG", link: http://www.nexusmods.com/dyinglight/mods/37/? all credits for the crazy zombies go to him!)

2)Rare loot

-the weapons you find will be pretty lame, but u can buy more advanced weapons in shops

3)Crafting overhaul

-you will be needing more parts to make certain items such as medkits, firecrackers, mollys, bombs...

-crafting items give less items

(includes a part of "Survivor Mod (Including Weapon Restoration Project by Lyravega) - Increased Difficulty - 40 Level Cap - Reduced Loot Tables - Unlocked Moves - Scarier Zombies Hoardes by Shockr", link: http://www.nexusmods.com/dyinglight/mods/49/? Props to him making A LOT of the crafting recipes harder to craft)

4)Economy overhaul

-reduced sell prices (common items, weapons), increased some buy prices (for crafting components, medkits, ammo...)

-vendors have A LOT more to sell, also u can buy ammo from lvl 2

5)Repair overhaul

-now you have more repair attempts, but you need WAY more parts to repair weapons

-also weapon durability loss is doubled (Personally i think it is more realistic for weapons to break easily. Think about it: You strike a zombie in "real-life" with an axe, after you break 5-10 skulls and legs with it it would break)

6)Stamina overhaul

-stamina parameters changed so you lose it little bit quicker, and regenerate it slower, to compensate for high damage

-all special moves and attacks have stamina cost, including leg kick

-all special moves and attacks except leg kick have a cooldown

-vault changed so u can jump 2x higher from a zombies head

-grapple cooldown adjusted so it is not THAT OP

7)Experience overhaul

-now you need more xp to level up, especially on higher levels

-xp rewards are higher to balance things out

-night xp multiplier doubled

8)Inventory overhaul

-changed max stack values for some throwing items (firecrackers, flares, molly...), now you have to decide do you want to take an extra firearm or some more molotovs

-flashlight now has a limited use time, it recharges in 15 seconds

-There are a lot more changes that i forgot to write here, so test the mod and give me feedback on things so i can provide you with the best apocalypse ever ;)



-Extract the archive into your C:\Users\"Your name"\Documents\DyingLight\out, AND C:\Users\"Your name"\Documents\DyingLight!!!

-works with the Dying Light Manager 0.10!

-for Dying Light Version 1.3.0, but mabe works with higher versions!

-Start a new game from the beginning (including prologue!), or some changes will NOT take effect!

If you like the mod u can endorse it. Btw this is my first mod for Dying light :)