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Ever wanted to revisit Dying Light, with a fresh view, as if you've just bought the game while ultimately making the game way more challenging to play with many things to explore? This mod aims to do just that.

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Night Runner is a mod for Dying Light that rehauls the entire game. This mod has been in development for 3+ years, previously known as "Deathcore".
I wanted to release a mod that had more purpose, something for a player to enjoy. This mod aims to not only be challenging, but also encourage you explore the world of Dying Light once again.


Try surviving in the world of a Night Runner

Made by Sekurovich.

What does Night Runner change if you were to sum it up shortly?

  • ALL weapons and equipment have been rehauled, damagewise, lootwise
  • ALL looting containers in the world have been adjusted with NEW and CUSTOM loot, making some containers drop more realistic items
  • ALL enemies (zombies/humans) behaviour and attacks are changed and rehauled (rais' men can no longer dodge/parry)
  • ALL skills have been adjusted, a NEW skill menu has been added with NEW skills: demo
  • ALL weapons, equipment and items have been renamed
  • ALL weapons equipment are CUSTOM items, with a unique ID
  • ALL shops loot have been adjusted and corrected to display the correct weapon represented at each level
  • Gameplay adjustments: falling height/damage
  • ALL quests are modified: in either difficulty, or the reward gained from it
  • NEW container animations: demo
  • NEW equipment and items: demo
  • NEW equipment tiers: meaning you can get a stronger version of an equipment than previously had
  • NEW: Specific Quest rewards, meaning you can get a unique weapon for completing a sidequest, and such: demo
  • NEW blueprints
  • NEW dialogue in story
  • NEW repair system
  • NEW Airdrops: now drop custom loot that can actually benefit the player in it's survival
  • NEW Encounter rewards: helping survivors, etc.
  • NEW containers: demo
  • NEW enemies
  • NEW hints on skill unlocking: demo
  • REWORKED leveling system, survivor, power, agility
  • NEW punishment system: players now also lose money upon dying
  • QOL: NEW looting animations for containers

And so much more!

My personal tip for you: turn on hints in options, it'll be very useful when exploring the world of Night Runner for the first time!

Interested in knowing what's exactly changed? You can find it here

Night Runner will get continious updates over it's release. As mentioned before, this mod aims to touch ALL DLC's.

Night Runner is currently supported for:
  • Base Game (Slums/Old Town)
  • The Following
  • Cuisine and Cargo
  • Prison DLC
  • The Bozak Horde

Night Runner is NOT supported for (but will be in the future through updates):
  • Be The Zombie
  • Hellraid

Note: you can still play the DLC's, however this simply means the mod has not balanced or added features from the Night Runner mod into the DLC.

Night Runner has a update roadmap ready after it's release. Interested to know what's there more to come?

Visit the spreadsheet for more upcoming changes in the future - Roadmap section

  1. Go to "Steam/steamapps/common/Dying Light/"
  2. Open the Install Mod folder when you have downloaded the file.
  3. Select all folders (DW, DW_DLC17, DW_DLC39, etc.) from inside the Install Mod folder and place it in the ROOT (Step 1) of your local Dying Light files. You will be prompted to replace files which in this case you press yes.

Verify your steam files if you want to return to the original game OR PLACE THE UNINSTALL MOD FOLDER IN THE ROOT OF YOUR LOCAL DYING LIGHT FILES.

Special Thanks