Dying Light

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This mod will change the graphics and gameplay to make it more like the Pre Alpha demo.

Hello scar and sekurko :) ive decided to release the mod early because of your toxicity

Permissions and credits
Graphical Changes:

-Overexposed Sun

-Blinding Sun rays

-Depth Of Field

-Sun Position

-Windy Environment

-Purple Nights

-Reduced Dust Particles In Air

-Woman Viral Skin Changed To Biter Skin

-FXAA Enabled

- Optional file changed the colors to match the youtuber demo
Gameplay Changes:

-Side stepping

-Wall running Horizontal

-Pushing zombies Forward

-Increased Grab Chance

-Snapping zombie Necks when grabbed (buggy)

-Instant Volatile spotting

-Health Regeneration

-Demolishers Spawn In The Slums

-Removed Blood And Water Drops On Screen

-Ability Cooldowns

-Slower Survivor Sense

-Volatiles Only Show Pulse When Using Survivor Sense No Xray

-Smaller Flashlight Glow With A Flashlight Cooldown 180 Seconds

-Biters Do Less Damage

-Different DropKick Animation

-Sliding Into Zombies Cancels Slide
Audio Changes:

-When Near Volatiles The Pre Alpha Demo Song Will Play Making It Much More Intense

-When Getting Spotted the Pre Alpha Demo Chase Music Will Begin Not The Sewers Version But A Different Version