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A series of modifications to make Crane the true legend of Harran. Inspired by the ninja reborn mod, bionic man mod, lockpick always success mod, infinite repairs mod, and grappling hook modifications mod, along with lots of personal tweaks.

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UPDATE (07/07/2020)
Fist of Fury 3.0.0 updates:
Add in a file to disable community events and to prevent file conflicts. (Special thanks to StinVec)
Minor attack and stamina adjustments.

UPDATE (07/05/2020)
Fist of Fury 2.3.0 has been released with the following changes:
UV Flashlight has a longer battery life and becomes way more deadly to the Volatiles.
Superkicks. (Regular kicks have enormous power now!)
Increased dropkicks, tackle, and slide power. You can demolish a Demolisher with 2 dropkicks!

UPDATE (07/03/2020)
The following features have been added to the mod (Fist of Fury 2.2.0) :
Max ammo carrying capacity. (Carry all the ammo you can get!)
Increased ammo pack. (Get more ammo from store or loot)
No crafting material required. (Still requires base material such as weapons or shield)
Front grapple enabled. (Alt+W)
Dodge speed and frequency are greatly increased.
Grappling hook now does damage to enemies.

UPDATE (06/28/2020)
If you experienced errors in the game with the old version (1.0.0) of the Fist of Fury mod, please download and install the new version (2.0.0 and up) of the mod.

Super punch and dropkicks. (KO normal zombies in 1-2 hit)
Brutal melee weapons damage and force.
More powerful ground pound.
Unlimited weapon repair and super durability.
High firearms damage and fast reload.
High health points and rapid health regeneration to full health. (666 HP when fully level up)
Fall damage greatly reduced.
Peak human running and swimming speed.
Slightly higher jump.
Better grappling hook. (Longer length with no cooldown)
Lockpick master. (Always successful unlock)
Trade manipulation. (Discount on buying items and super high item sell price)

To Install:
1. Go to Hard Drive > SteamLibrary > steamapps > common > Dying Light > DW
2. Back up Data3.pak in case you want to reverse back to the standard game.
3. Download the file, and replace the Data3.pak in the game (DW) folder.
4. Start the game and be the legend. Enjoy!