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Weapon Balance,Shop & loot diversity through entire level, Harder night mode, Hostile survivor, night event, better sound aggresion and many more.

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This mod aim for Dying Light "trailer like" Gameplay where everything looks threatening enough at day, while the night are only meant for seasoned runner.

  • Download Dying Light Mod Manager in order to make this mod work
  • Extract zip to your Dying Light document folder, EX: Default location user/document/Dying Light
  • Note: You may found the game unable to read the mod, restart the client and start it again may fix the issues

#2 Special thanks to shockr for telling me about this method
  • Download the .pak version of this mod at download selection
  • Extract the file at "Dying Light Steam folder" Steam/Steamapps/common/Dying Light/DW/ or right click Dying Light on steam -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files 
  • If you see Data0.pak, Data1.pak, and so on, then you are in the right place to extract the file.

  • Delete data folder from user/document/Dying Light/out/data (For people who use previous version need to delete ai, scripts, skills folder outside out folder)
  • Right click on Dying Light tittle on Steam -> select properties -> select local files -> click "verify integrity of game cache". Now you can play with your unmoded friend again yay!!

Change-log can be seen on Post Tab, be sure to check it out for what changes that i made at recent patch :D Don't forget to drop a feedback or any sick idea that stuck inside your/someone else head.

Current mod achievement (so far)
  • New Night Mode system, your action will produce sound that attract more Night Walker (night viral type). Either go stealth, GO LOUD!!, or go home.
  • Survivor event at night, are you willing to risk your life for saving random person....at night??
  • Hostile Survivor, some people are desperate enough to get what they need in order to survive.
  • Brand new loot tier system, Instead of getting current weapon level tier over and over. the weapon you get will be randomized, where the higher the weapon tier, the harder the percentage to get it.
  • Huge nerf to melee weapon medium-high tier, now top tier two-handed weapon only does 300 damage max.
  • Firearms adjusting making pistol type worth using (Hitting enemy in arm and leg now also do bonus damage). Also swapping police rifle characteristic with military rifle.
  • Increase Rifle Ammo to 150, Pistol to 80.
  • Explosive, Increasing explosive damage while limiting the max ammount of explosive you can carry to 5 only.
  • Remove day Viral icon on radar. Now you have to depend on the voice.

Preview Skill (for testing purpose, will be removed later on)
  • Enable Takedown (stomp, front & back takedown) at power lv.2
  • Enable charge attack at power lv.2

On Progress
  • Specialization skill (Planned, still working on it), make your character doing better at some stuff, while reducing the the other stat.

Mod Preview video, sorry about the non english voice language

Fore people who already use my previous mod version, uninstall the mod first before applying the new patch

PS: my steam user is http://steamcommunity.com/id/Radikalgaming . Feel free to contact me if you have a feedback, crazy idea, or just want to have a chit-chat with me.