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trey31 with lyravega and WesleyLeonardo

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Adds 22 new weapons; a light machine gun, two shotguns, new melee weapons that used to be throwables, new throwables that used to be melee weapons, ... You can find these new additions in the shops, just keep an eye open for them. Go nuts! ~~ Updated for The Following by WesleyLeonardo

Permissions and credits
Bear Arms v0.050 - created by trey31, maintained by lyravega - No longer in active development
This mod adds about 22 new weapons; a light machine gun, two shotguns, new melee weapons that used to be throwables, new throwables that used to be melee weapons, ... You can find these new additions in the shops, just keep an eye open for them. Go nuts! ~~ Updated for The Following by WesleyLeonardo

-Melee weapon levels are staggered; "Crafted" weapons can be found at and over level 18, melee weapons that used to be throwables from 9 to 17, hoe and pitchfork till 9. I staggered them after looking at their damage values; I can add higher level variants later on.

-Not for just this mod, but for any game that you use mods, back your save files up first - and back the entire folder!
(you can find your saves at "...\Steam\userdata\*number*\239140\" folder)
-If you are not using other mods, then place the "Data3.pak" file within the archive to your game folder ("...Steam\Steamapps\Dying Light\DW\")
-If you are using other mods, place the data folder in the archive to your "...Steam\Steamapps\Dying Light\DW\Data3.pak" file
(you need a tool like WinRAR to open and manipulate .pak files the game is using; they are actually .zip files in disguise)
-Alternatively, you can use Simple Pakker to pack yourself a "Data3.pak" (just follow its instructions - but I still recommend WinRAR)
-To uninstall, remove the extracted files

-If you are playing with friends, now everyone is required to use same mods
-If you cannot join a friend, even with same mods/settings, have him send his "Data3.pak" file to you, or send yours to them; use the same file


Now I Have a Machine Gun Ho Ho Ho Mod - This mod contains one general-purpose machine gun. The mesh was found in the game files, but it is permanently attached to a stationary monopod. I had to immensely modify and test hand placement configuration to get it working functionally at all. It fires great. Its iron sights work great. It reloads acceptably. However there is a significant issue with running with the weapon; the players hands rise up and it forces significant clipping of the monopod. It is however, completely playable in its current form. The gun fires very well, and its a joy to use on zombie hordes, especially over by the power sub station in the slums. There likely is no way to fix the clipping without new animations. If you can get past it, you'll have a blast. Enjoy.

Happiness is a Warm Shotgun Mod - This Mesh was first posted on Nexus by KNGR so 100% credit goes to him for the mesh and being first to post. However the sights were significantly off, and the name was Pump Shotgun. The gun looks, at least to me, to be somewhat based on a Mossberg 930 SPX 8 Autoloading 12 Gauge Shotgun. So I fixed the sights and changed the name. Enjoy.

The Oregon Trail Shotgun Mod - this gun appears to be a Pump Action 12 Gauge, however because of the animation of the Double Barrel in the game, reloading and pumping wouldn't work, so I used the M16 animation instead and the gun is treated as an autoloader. However, it is fun as heck to shoot zombies in the face with, just like the 930 SPX 8 Autoloader. This one has a 5 round capacity.

Dancing With Melee Mod - I saved the best for last. This is a melee weapon mod. It is comprised of 19 of the 22 new weapons. Some of these are unused mesh files. Others are repurposed mesh files. I'll do a breakdown on each section of this mod below.

New Crafted Weapons - there are 5 "Crafted" weapons included. These are based on the Guthook Blade, the Hunter Machete, Flat End Sledgehammer, Egyptian Khopesh, and Katana. They include decked out crafting all over, somewhat similar to a DLC weapon. The Damage rating on each has been increased, and the Sledgehammer includes Impact Electricity elemental damage. Very fun weapons to swing around. Have fun creating your own, just dissect my modded file to figure out what I changed. Every melee weapon in the game can be modded into a "Crafted" weapon like these, even the throwing weapons like the Modern Axe. Especially fun is adding elemental damage to the blunt weapons. Enjoy.

Brand New Weapons - there are 4 "new" weapon meshes. Two Katar "claws" that work like a knife attached to brass knuckles. A Garden Hoe named "Youza Hoe" (because I said that youza hoe). And a Pitchfork. Enjoy.

New Throwable Weapons - Almost any melee weapon can be modded to become a throwable weapon. I used the ones I felt worked best. Have fun playing with your own ideas. There are 6 included: throwing fisherman knife, throwing commando knife, throwing khukuri knife, throwing sickle, throwing cleaver, and throwing hatchet. Enjoy.

New Handheld Weapons - There are 4 "throwable" weapons that can now be used as handheld weaponry: Military Throwing Knife, Medieval Axe, Tomahawk, and Modern Axe. Have to be somewhat close to use these, but they are a blast to swing around quickly