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About this mod

This mod changes many aspects of Dying Light to make up for some short comings and add additional elements.

See long description for full change list.

Permissions and credits
This changes components of gameplay but may also be viewed as a cheating mod.   <--- forewarning.


  • Stamina is almost infinite
  • You swim, walk and sprint a lot faster
  • You jump a lot higher
  • No fall damage
  • Your grappling hook goes a lot farther
  • Most melee weapons are very inexpensive
  • Most melee weapons have a huge durability
  • All blueprints can be made with metal scraps
  • More inventory space
  • Your tackle, slide kick and jump kick are much more powerful

**Updated with 2.0**:

  • Your standing kick now does more damage and has more force
  • Firearms now have unlimited ammo and do not require reload
  • You now walk and strafe more quickly

**Updated with 3.0**:

  • Now supports latest patch
  • Lowers pricing for new weapons
  • You can still jump high, just not as high
  • Blueprints now require normal items to craft

**Updated with 3.5**:
  • Unlocked all outfits from the beginning of the game (works especially well if you only have the standard edition without the season pass)

**Updated with 4.0**:
  • Supports latest patch as of date -  04.16.2015
  • Health increased
  • Finally disabled landing animations for cars, trash heaps and dumpsters
  • No more lock picking.  All vehicles, containers and doors that were once locked and required lock picking are now unlocked
  • Weapon upgrades are now found more frequently and in more places (shop keepers, enemy npcs, etc.)
  • Almost infinite ammunition for firearms
  • You can now snap human enemy necks from behind (not sure if was enabled before)
  • Much better agility and maneuverability while swimming
  • More frequent airdrops.  The plane animation may not play, but if you glance at your map every once in a while, you'll see many new airdrop locations

**Updated with 5.0**:

Sorry this took 3 years to release.  The mod is fully compatible with the following and base game now.  It doesn't destroy all the text in game any more.  Lock picking works as intended (no mini game) without any side effects.

  • Non destructive installation
  • Buggies no longer require fuel and take no damage
  • Stamina should still be nearly limitless (hopefully)
  • Throwing knives now curve quite a bit to reach their targets - homing knives?
  • Increased timescale for Days.  So days should be longer, nights shorter
  • No more supply drop issues
  • Lock picking fixed
  • Hopefully will no longer break your game

Problems, Broken Things and Semi-Broken Things:

**Stationary Kick** - standing still and kicking zombies:

For some reason, the developers have changed some aspects of how certain melee functions work.  The stationary kick (where you're standing still and use your foot to kick zombies away) no longer works.   No matter how much force or what other settings are used to increase the force of that kick, it never does more force/damage than default now

**Tackle** - You can still run the tackle longer as before, it still applies more force and damage as before, but doesn't do as much area of effect damage like previous versions of the mods.  Developers broke this along with the stationary kick.

This will probably be the last update ever so if someone else wants to take it over or call it their own, please feel free.   Call it Fun Mod.  Call it Stupid Mod.  Say you originally made it.  Feel free to do whatever you like!

Future updates:

  • None planned


Copy the Data3.pak file into your Dying Light/DW directory.  Backup the original Data3.pak just in case.  You can also use Dying Light Mod Manager if that still works