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//Mod By Zombie2358 and burritoo\\

Driv3r: Definitive Edition allows people to feel and play Driv3r the way it was meant to be played.
This mod not only fixes the game but also recovers HD Vehicle Textures from early game builds as well as many other improvements from the Xbox and PS2 version.

Installation [Definitive Edition]:
1. Apply the Anisotropic Fix [This will remove blurry roads and blurry objects] - the fix works with AMD Radeon Software, Nvidia Control Panel and Intel Graphics Command Center
2. Copy all files from the "Definitive Edition" folder into the game directory - replace all if asked!
3. Enable Compatibility Mode (Windows XP Service Pack 1-3) for Driv3r Definitive Edition.exe
3. Launch Driv3r Definitive Edition.exe as Administrator
4. The ModernPCProfile is a 0% complete save file which has configured controls to make Driv3r more enjoyable. The only thing the user has to do is change the resolution to their maximum in the settings of the game.

Installation [EAX Audio Fix]:
1. Install EAX4Unified_redist_4001.exe
2. Install Creative Alchemy (setup.exe)
3. Copy ALchemyPatch.exe from this zip into ALchemy install folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Creative\ALchemy)
4. Right click ALchemyPatch.exe & choose "Run as Administrator"
- If it was successful you should see two "Patch successful!" messages in the window that appears.
- If the patcher fails to run you might need to install .NET Framework 4.7.2 first.
5. Open Creative Alchemy (C:\Program Files (x86)\Creative\ALchemy) and click on Add
6. Select the Game Path and press the small "..." button
7. Select Driv3r Definitive Edition.exe and press OK
8. Game Title: Driv3r Definitive Edition
9. Lastly, choose Driv3r Definitive Edition and press the >>> button if it is not enabled in Creative Alchemy.
- Make sure EAX is on in Driv3r Sound Settings or this will not work.

Installation [RTX Addon]:
1. Copy all files from the "RTX Addon [Optional]" folder into the game directory - replace all if asked!
2. Launch Driv3r Definitive Edition.exe as Administrator
Known Bugs and help with RTX Addon:
1. The game may crash on loading profiles - in order to fix this press the Page Down key on your keyboard to disable the RTX Features before entering the game.
2. After you launch a mission or take a ride you can press Page Down key again to enable RTX Features
3. Pressing the Home key enables the RTX UI which allows you to configure certain effects
4. Plus and Minus keys switch between presets (Default, Rain and Simplified)
5. Keep in mind that you have to disable Anti-Alias in the game settings to make RTX work.
6. You need the numpad to control the RTX UI Commands

Installation [Cheat Engine]:
1. Install Cheat Engine (may get a false positive!)
2. Use the Driv3r.exe from the bonus folder or the Cheat Menu won't work
3. Open Cheat Engine, select the Driv3r.exe that is already open and then load one of the .ct files

Zoom Bug Fix [ModernPCProfile]:
1. You will have to blindly navigate to the advanced display settings and change the resolution to one lower and then apply.
2. How to do it:
If at Undercover then;
Down arrow 3x
Down arrow 3x
Down arrow once
Down arrow 2x
Left arrow once
Up arrow once
Change resolution to max and apply
3. This has to be done only once!

1. You need to make a backup of the original files before applying this mod since there is no other way to uninstall this mod.

Zombie2358 and burritoo - Skies, Missions, Music, Texture Fixes, RTX Addon and other fixes
Gector Fillion (Freak) - New Logos
Fireboyd - HD Vehicles Recovery, Antilli and IMGRipper
ThirteenAG - Widescreen Fix and Xbox Particles Fix
Sleepy and WhiteSnoop - Multiplayer Mod Alpha

Driv3r: Definitive Edition Feature List:
- All Patch2 fixes [Available]
- PS2 Car Colors [Available]
- HD Vehicles [Available]
- Draw Distance Fix [Available]
- Interior Fixes [Available]
- Anisotropic Filtering Fix [Available]
- EXE Improvements [Available]
- PS2 Moods and Skies Recovery [Available]
- UI Improvements [Available]
- PS2 Fog Shader [Available]
- Upscaled Textures [Available]
- PS2/Xbox Atmosphere [Available]
- Car Light Fixes [Available]
- Fixed Challenger and Merc [Available]
- EAX Fix [Available]
- Graphics Layers Fix [Available]
- Car Light Brightness Fix [Available]
- NEW Vehicle Dithering Fix [Available]
- Upscaled Trees [Available]
- Graphics Layers Fix 2 [Available]
- Upscaled Tanner [Not fully implemented-TakeARide Only]
- Cop Boats [Not fully implemented]
- HD Vehicles Interior Update [Unavailable]
- LOD Fix [Unavailable]

//Mod By Zombie2358 and burritoo\\