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Removes the job requirements on armor/weapons. Use anything with any job!

Permissions and credits
Affects Armors, and Weapons (Equipment only!):
Should make any weapon/armor equippable by any job. (If you look at any piece, you should see it shows the icons for all vocations, like the title image.)

You will not be able to use skills from other jobs!
Equipping weapons for other jobs limits you to basic attacks at best. It's kinda cursed. Wearing any armor works fine though.

If you want skill swapping to work, the best you'll get is the Warfarer job. (And the True Warfarer mod so skills swap with weapons.) The game is just not designed to let this work within vocations.

"If you use Vocation A, you can equip weapons belong to vocation B and use it's basic attacks. You will not be able to use any of your special skills. The game will show vocation A's skills in the button prompts, but they will be grayed out.

For example:
If you are using the Fighter vocation, you can equip a bow and shoot arrows and kick. The fighter skills will appear in the bottom right corner but you won't be able to use them. And you won't be able to use the archer's skills either.
Whenever you want, you can re-equip you sword and then your shield to go back to melee-ing."
-- topeira

Pawn Legality
"The pawns using equipment from outside their vocation show IF YOU ALSO HAVE THE MOD.
If you dont have the mod installed, they will not show up.

So instead of banned pawns from online, it seems like its done client side. Im a assuming your game automatically determines if a pawn is eligible by seeing if anyone is wrong with them then removing them if they are. Since your game now thinks that all armor is equippable by all vocations with this mod, it wont see anything wrong with pawns wearing shit they normally shouldn't be able to."
-- Brotagonista

"You wont get banned from the rift. The pawn will simply not show up for people who are NOT using this mod (granted, would be several people). That isnt a ban, it just stops them from being listed. Illegal pawns still appear for others who ARE using this mod, and if you set up an Archer with all Archer gear (aka, legal pawn), it will appear for everyone again.
That said, you could always just turn the mod on and off from my understanding, the mod is only needed to *equip* gear. You could turn it on, equip what you want, then turn it off again. (worked for me, anyway)"
-- RowanZ88

  • All (+ Item Tweaks All-in-One)---This mod + Item Tweaks. (They both alter the same files.) If using this, do NOT have "Item Tweaks" active.
  • Armors Only
  • Armors Only (No Weight)
  • Armors Only (REF)
  • Armors Only (REF, No Weight)
  • Weapons Only
  • Weapons Only (No Weight)
  • Weapons Only (REF)
  • Weapons Only (REF, No Weight)
(If something says "X Only" that means "X Only" for the entire option, not half of it.)

The armor/weapon files do as well!
The weapon/armor options do not conflict with EACH OTHER.

Meaning the two REF armor options conflict with each other, but won't conflict with weapon options. The inverse is equally true for weapon options.

If you want to use this in combination with Item Tweaks, don't! At least not with the "All" option since it'll overwrite anything. Just turn that one off and this one on instead. That's why I have a variant that includes it.
This overrides everything *except* item changes from the item tweaks mod. (Except the "All" file which overwrites all of that mod.)
If you do though, activate this mod *after* and it'll overwrite parts of that mod depending on which options you have active.

The archive here is designed for FluffyManager! It has files setup as a selective install.
If you want to install it manually you can, just copy and rename the paks appropriately, but I'm not going to give more info on this as I will not support it.

If something isn't working, for fucks sake, tell me EXACTLY what isn't working. Give me some concrete example, an item name and merchant, I can test with. And preferably something near the start of the game as I only just got my pawn and am testing on the local vendors there.

Installation Instructions
  • Install Fluffy Mod Manager.
  • Install REFramework. (For the REF options.)
  • Place the archive into `.....\Fluffy Mod Manager\Games\DragonsDogma2\Mods` WITHOUT EXTRACTING!
  • Open mod manager and enable the ONE OPTION.

For the Steam version of whatever the release version is. I'll figure out versions later.

Conflicts (PAK Version Only)
Will conflict with any mod that alters these files:
  • natives/STM/AppSystem/Item/ItemData/ItemArmorData.user.2
  • natives/STM/AppSystem/Item/ItemData/ItemWeaponData.user.2

Whichever pak that has the file that loads last 'wins', the same file from an earlier pak is superseded.