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Item Tweaks: 1 Gold, x10 Sell Price, No Weight, etc.

Permissions and credits
Affects Items, Armors, and Weapons:
Options (REF)
  • Cost 1 Gold (Split: Armors / Items / Weapons / Ferrystone)
  • Gift Favor: 1000 (For context, Eternal Wakestone is 500.)
  • Sell Price (Split: x2 / x5 / x10, and per Armors / Items / Weapons.)
  • No Weight (Split: Armors / Items / Weapons / Materials / Ferrystone) (Doesn't affect enchanted items altering weight, I'll do that soon (TM).)
  • Stack Size (Split: 999 / 9999 / 32767) (32767 is the upper max of the data type- signed 16bit integer. I am aware of the mod going higher than this, but I do not know what negative repercussions there are given the limits of the data type, and do not recommend it.)
  • No Bad Decay (Prevents items from decaying into 'Rotten' or 'Dried' variants. DOES NOT AFFECT MEDUSA HEADS. Those are NOT controlled by the item data this alters. They have been added to the shop here to compensate for this. May not affect current item instances, but will affect new items.)
  • All-in-One (For mutually exclusive options: Uses x10 sell price and a stack size of 32767.)
Technically none of these 'conflict' with another, they will all load in order. This can cause funny things like activating both the x2 & x10 sell options for the same category will result in a total multiplier of x20 once both run.
I shouldn't have to say this, but things that affect "armors only" truly affect armors ONLY. (Surprising, isn't it?) So if you want everything to cost 1g, you activate it for armors, items, AND weapon.
I shouldn't have to say this either, but "items only" includes the ferrystone, which should be obvious, given the ferrystone is an item.

Options (PAK)
  • Cost 1 Gold
  • Cost 1 Gold + x10 Sell Price
  • Cost 1 Gold, No Weight
  • Cost 1 Gold, No Weight (Ferrystone Only)
  • x10 Sell Price
  • No Weight
  • No Weight + x10 Sell Price
  • No Weight (All Items Only)
  • No Weight (Materials Only)
  • All-in-One
(If something says "X Only" that means "X Only" for the entire option, not half of it.)
I will NOT be adding more PAK variants.

Note: Sell price options affect the amount of gold in corpse loot, random containers, loose gold pickup items, etc.
This is because those are all technically items and I don't know which entries they are. I consider it minor enough to ignore. (If you're using something that makes things cost 1 gold and sell 10x, breaking the economy isn't something you should be concerned about.)


Early n' Cheap Art of Metamorphosis Compatibility: If that, or any shop, alters the buy price of items, that specific part will be overwritten by any file from this mod. The merchant files do not conflict.
(This applies to the PAK versions. For REF, well, it depends on which one loads last. If the source mod isn't LUA, then this will always apply after.)

Shop List Contents
  • Art Of Metamorphosis
  • Ferrystone
  • Portcrystal
  • Elite Camping Kit
  • Explorers Camping Kit
  • Eternal Wakestone
  • Wakestone
  • Giant Hunk Of Rift Crystal
  • Seekers Token
  • Finders Token
  • Unmaking Arrow
  • Golden Trove Beetle
  • Sealing Phial
  • Blighting Arrow
  • Drenching Arrow
  • Explosive Arrow
  • Tarring Arrow
  • Medusa Head

All items are added to every single shop in the game.
There can only ever be one shop mod active at once. There's only one shop data file. Whichever loads last wins.
If you want a new item added to the list, let me know.

The archive here is designed for FluffyManager! It has files setup as a selective install.
If you want to install it manually you can, just copy and rename the paks appropriately, but I'm not going to give more info on this as I will not support it.

If something isn't working, for fucks sake, tell me EXACTLY what isn't working. Give me some concrete example, an item name and merchant, I can test with. And preferably something near the start of the game as I only just got my pawn and am testing on the local vendors there.

Installation Instructions
  • Install Fluffy Mod Manager.
  • Install REFramework. (For the REF options.)
  • Place the archive into `.....\Fluffy Mod Manager\Games\DragonsDogma2\Mods` WITHOUT EXTRACTING!
  • Open mod manager and enable the ONE OPTION.

For the Steam version of whatever the release version is. I'll figure out versions later.

Conflicts (PAK Version Only)
Will conflict with any mod that alters these files:
  • natives/STM/AppSystem/Item/ItemData/ItemArmorData.user.2
  • natives/STM/AppSystem/Item/ItemData/ItemData.user.2
  • natives/STM/AppSystem/Item/ItemData/ItemWeaponData.user.2

Conflicts (The Shop)
Will conflict with any mod that alters these files:
  • natives/STM/AppSystem/Item/ItemShopData/ItemShopData.user.2

Whichever pak that has the file that loads last 'wins', the same file from an earlier pak is superseded.