Dragon's Dogma 2
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About this mod

Instantly teleport your party (and any NPCs you're carrying) to hundreds of key locations around the map without the need for a Ferrystone or Portcrystal.

Permissions and credits

This mod allows you to instantly teleport your party to hundreds of key locations without the need for a Ferrystone or Portcrystal. You can also add your current location to the list of options (like having unlimited Portcrystals).

Escort quest? Pick up the NPC and teleport. Want all the Seeker's Tokens or Golden Trove Beetles? Teleport.

Change Log

  • More locations
  • Made loading beetle and seeker locations optional
  • Minor bug fixes

  • Fixed custom text entry with latest REFramework

  • Added all Golden Trove Beetle locations
  • Added Moonglint Tower 3F bonus location

  • Fixed Seeker Token 228
  • Added Custom Location Deletion

  • Added bonus locations (Sphinx, Medusa, and a couple more)
  • Added all seeker token locations
  • Changed the way teleportation effects Ferrystones
  • Added optional Chinese translation

  • Ability to add custom locations
  • Change window hotkey
  • Option to not require the window to be open for hotkeys to work

How To Use

Option 1
  • Hit "T" to bring up the Teleportation hotkey window and view all available locations.
  • Press a hotkey to teleport to the given location.

Option 2
  • Hit the key to open REFramework (default Insert).
  • Scroll down to Script Generated UI and expand Teleportation.
  • Select a location from the list and hit Teleport.


You can install the mod manually by just copying this mod, REFramework, and _ScriptCore into the game install directory. If you're not sure how, I would recommend grabbing Fluffy Mod Manager and just dragging everything onto it to install - no need to extract or anything with Fluffy.


  • All Golden Trove Beetles
  • All Seeker's Tokens
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Bakbattahl
  • Borderwatch Outpost
  • Checkpoint Rest Town
  • Dragonforged
  • Dragonsbreath Tower
  • Eini's Home
  • Excavation Site
  • Frontier Shrine (Sphinx)
  • Harve Village
  • Melve
  • Moonglint Tower 3F
  • Mountain Shrine (Sphinx)
  • Nameless Village
  • Nera'Battahl Windrift (Medusa)
  • Reverent Shrine
  • Sacred Arbor
  • Seafloor Shrine - Sacred Grounds
  • Vernworth
  • Volcanic Island Camp
  • Windwalker's Home


Thanks to MrBoobieBuyer for helping grab the locations, work on the UI, and making the thumbnail.

Thanks to FAILChapi for getting all the seeker token and golden trove beetle locations.

Thanks to YoBaShi for doing the Chinese translation of the mod.


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