Dragon's Dogma 2
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Replace most enemyies to a random cyclops. 将大部分敌人替换成一个随机种类的独眼巨人

Permissions and credits
Replace most(NOT ALL) enemyies to a random cyclops.  将大部分敌人替换成一个随机种类的独眼巨人

This mod replace enemy before they are displayed.
Just like the `MoreRandomChest` and coming `EnemyRandomizer`.
After uninstalling ,all enemies recover.(For nearby enemies ,you may need to go away to let them disapper and they will recover when you came back.)
But enemies won't lose their weapon.You may see a rabbit carrying a big stick after uninstalling.

Can I have a version/option to xxxx?
No.Because another author will upload a powerful enemy randomizer which can meet everyone's needs.I mean EVERY,no kidding.
It's pointless to add kinds of options to this mod.You just need to wait.

I still decide to upload this mod because I love this idea and I can't wait anymore.

Install / 安装

1. Install Reframework
    安装 Reframework

2.You can Install by Fluffy Mod Manager or Manually
你可以通过Fluffy Mod管理器 安装或手动安装

2.1. Install by Fluffy Mod Manager:
通过Fluffy Mod Manager安装:

Download this mod and drag into mod manager.Then turn it on in mod manager

2.2.Install Manually
Dowload this mod and extract.Copy the `reframework` folder to game folder. If `reframework` already exists in game folder,then merge these two folders.