Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

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Completley brand new HD environmental extures

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2024 update: Still working and way higher quality than any upscaled/ai upscaled textures on this site, highly recommend installing this AFTER Remastering Dragon's Dogma Sneak Peek 2 - Gransys mod

HD Environment Texture Overhaul
This will be an ongoing project to produce high quality HD textures for Gransys.
It covers the main/lower areas of Gransys area right now.
If it doesn't look like its working check between Cassardis and Gran Soren

This features completely brand new textures, not upscaling/sharpening the vanilla ones

Be sure to TRACK this page so you can get notifed of every new texture release

Interested in learning about texture modding for Dragons Dogma?

Read my guide

To Install:
1. Extract the zip contents to your DDDA\nativePC\rom\stage\stage100\area folder (Unless specified on the download/instructions)
2. Run the included .BAT file. If there are any errors or issues, right click and run as Administrator.
3. An automatic backup of your original file will be put in the "4k backup folder" in the same directory.
4. Wait until your screen says "TEXTURE INSTALL COMPLETE!"
5. Play the game (or transition to a new area if you're already playing)
6. Repeat the same steps for any other textures on this page

To Remove:
1. Restore the file from the "4k backup" folder

Performance hit:


Works with any existing texture mods you might have. Just install this OVER other texture mods

Some textures may look weird where they blend with the low res vanilla textures

Development will not continue