Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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Makes the Blighted Manse accessable before doing the quest "Duchess In Distress".

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So there is one whole map in the game that is locked behind an easy to miss quest.  A quest that is at the end of a quest line that if you are not into Aelinore you probable do not want to do.

This fixed this by allowing you to go there without doing the quest.

Normally the only thing stopping you going throught the front door is Ser Whitby.
So his entry is removed from the file "st100_44m56n_n62.lot" in "st100_44m56n_lot.arc" and "st100_44m56n_sub.arc".
And so he is now no longer standing outside the front door and you can freely enter at anything without the disguise.

The inside the manse is a door that seperates the upper and lower levels.  There are two versions of this door.  One that is there before the quest that is locked and cannot be unlocked and one that is there during and after the quest that needs a key to unlock.
The version before the quest has been modded to be unlocked.
This is in the file "st705_00m00n_p10.lot" that is in "stage705.arc"

Last there is the rear entrance which normally can not be used to enter the manse before the quest.
This enterance is now usable all the time.
This is done my modding "st100_door.sce" in "stage100.arc"

Note that the changes from installing this mod might not take effect immediately if you load a safe from before where you were in the area. This can be fixed by leaving the area and coming back.