Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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A helpful reference version of the game's xml file that handles augment data.

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An xml file for augments that contains helpful notes pertaining to their code lines, what values effect, and how those values are interpreted.  Intended as a reference for editing or simply to learn a little about how the game handles these neat little passives. ^^

You will need Fluffy Quack's Arc Tool if you wish get at this file in your own game as well as an updated version of it's bat file (so that you can extract the correct file types).  Just add -xfs to the list of extensions handled by the bat and you're all set to go.  If you don't know what I mean by this, then you probably shouldn't be tinkering with these files.

More details on the original file's location and how to get at it are enclosed in the read me, packaged with the download.

I've not yet identified all of the augments in this list.  The original list was uploaded by Esserius, but contained some inaccuracies and did not include any notes for the secret augments found in bitter black isle.  I've attempted to contact Esserius regarding these, but appear to have gone silent  Thus, I'm uploading this new and improved list myself.  I've corrected what inaccuracies I could find and added in notes for what secret augments I could identify.  If I ever identify others or someone brings new info to my doorstep I'll update this file listed.