Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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Merged longer enchantment times for Mage and Sorcerer

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Simple merge-mod made just for convenience. Regarding duration times, those are the same for Mage and Sorcerer with Fire, Ice, Thunder, Dark and Holy Enchantments:

Version 1.2
Boon - 2 minutes
Affinity - 4 minutes
Pact - 5 minutes
*Pact on previous version was bugged, as it last forever, after ~5 minutes it was loosing its magic properties and remained only as visual effect preventing your Pawns to refresh your enchantments (because AI thought effect is still going). The rest covered in Posts.

Bug reported, seems like enchantments in previous version are infinite or super long, uploaded version 1.1 with new duration times:
Version 1.1
Boon - 2 minutes
Affinity - 4 minutes
Pact - most likely infinite
*if you want more detailed info on what went wrong, check Posts section.

Version 1.0
Boon - infinite
Affinity - infinite
Pact - infinite

Packs have two sets of files:
1. All-in-one pack for Sorcerer including all my released spells with Prolonged Enchantments and for Mage - Revised Comestion, Durable Frigor and Prolonged Enchantments.
2. Only Prolonged Enchantments without my spell mods for Sorcerer and Prolonged Enchantments for Mage merged with Durable Frigor only (because I don't know who might not want this spell, it's awesome, right?=)

All files are optional, so you can combine them in whatever way you want, like for example: 
You can set only Prolonged Enchantments for Sorc and full spell pack for Mage, or vice-versa.

I didn't mess with Mystic Knight because there are already mods for that which work fine and I don't need merge it with anything. Mystic Knight mods are fully compatible so you can freely install them too.

- Copy first file to: *Your game folder*\nativePC\rom\wp\w1 - overwrite wan.arc (Sorcerer)
- Copy second file to *Your game folder*\nativePC\rom\wp\w1 - overwrite stk.arc (Mage) - optional
MAKE A BACKUP! of original wan.arc and stk.arc files just in case you don't like it and want to revert to vanilla.

Will affect Arisen and Pawns, won't affect enemy enchantment durations.

Report if there are any bugs or if I messed something up by accident in Posts section, also share your thoughts and feedback.

List of my other mods:
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