Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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Mod increases height and slightly width of this spell.

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Spell description says: "Generates a towering wall of flame; though only modest in power, it ignites adversaries with ease." But "towering" part is clearly missing, right? I fix it right there, now its more like a towering wall of flame... well, or rather pillar? Nevermind.

Ok, that's definitely not balance mod I usually release because, well... I buffed one of the most powerfull spells of caster classes, and I can't say it's a cheat mod either since it's not drastically increases power, it just makes it more convenient I think. Treat it as mod for fun and some wild experiment rather than neccessary gameplay improvement. I tried my best to make it balanced so I increased Comestion height but made it more narrow, so it looks more like a pillar. High Comestion is much higher and slightly more wide than vanilla, couldn't help it, it's best looks and operates this way after numerous tests. I don't leave certain numbers because it's hard to say how much bigger they got, try to esteem on your own by looking at screenshots.

Important to note: 
In vanilla game spell reach goes higher than effect animation actually shows us, the same should be the case with this mod, it's rather tall, but actual effective height should go higher than it displays. Good for knocking down and damaging flyers now. 

I have also slighly increased targetting sphere move speed, so it should be more comfortable to land, at least on keyboard it is. Still no idea about gamepad (report). I still plan on tweaking it according to feedback, so leave your thoughts in Posts section.

First pack contains files for Mage and Sorcerer both. You can install it for only one desired class and ignore another or install both, as you wish, it won't break nothing. Instructions below. I also may add versions for Mystic Knight and Magick Archer if needed, but that would be a waste if people don't like these tweaks. Second pack contains only file for Sorcerer (my previous merged spell mods 4in1), so feel free to swap that if you need all 4 mods and not only Comestion. 3in1 added now.

- Copy first file to: *Your game folder*\nativePC\rom\wp\w1 - overwrite wan.arc (Sorcerer)
- Copy second file to *Your game folder*\nativePC\rom\wp\w1 - overwrite stk.arc (Mage) - optional
MAKE A BACKUP! of original wan.arc and stk.arc files just in case you don't like it and want to revert to vanilla.

Testing didn't reveal any malfunctions, so I think it's safe.
And yes, your pawns gonna blow the hell out of bad guys just like you, enemies won't, don't worry.

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