Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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Now you can pre-cast spell before battle or use it as protection when delving into unknown...

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Mod simply extends duration of Necromancy by 120 seconds for both tiers:
Necromancy - 15 sec to 120 sec
High necromancy - 25 sec to 120 sec

No more alterations to this spell, same number of skulls, same damage and etc. This isn't final version, so I may tweak its parameters more, because I mainly aim to balance this spell, NOT make it overpowered. Vanilla version is not so effective, 25 sec isn't enough duration obviously and casting it in combat is very risky considering spell properties... Also 15 and 25 sec for vanilla tiers basically increasing gap between spells, making tier 2 almost mandatory, but now, since both spells last same amount of time first tier became a bit more useful. Anyway, you can argue with me in Posts section about it =)

- Copy file to: *Your game folder*\nativePC\rom\wp\w1 - overwrite wan.arc
MAKE A BACKUP! of original wan.arc file just in case you don't like it and want to revert to vanilla.

I have made few minor adjustments to this spell, testing didn't reveal any malfunctions so I'd say it's safe.

It probably will affect your pawns, extending tier durations respectively. I don't think it affects enemies, because as far as I'm concerned, their Necromancy duration value in vanilla game is set to 90 sec by default.

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