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A simple cheat table to hood and unhood the hero with a hotkey. Another tool to enable NVIDIA ansel/photomode anywhere.

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Hello there! This page is a compilation of all the tools/cheat tables I make for the game.

Ansel Anywhere
Based on Photomode Anywhere by SankaraSamsara. This cheat table allows NVIDIA's Ansel plugin to be opened anywhere in game. For example, you can now open Ansel in cutscenes, during victory poses and pep powers. Check the original page for more information!

The Fugitive (superseded by All Appearance Options)
A very small and simple cheat table for Cheat Engine. All it does is swap the meshes used by "The Fugitive" costume and the meshes used in the game's intro chapters with each other whenever desired, allowing you to choose whether to heave your hood down or up!

To use the cheat table, all you need to do is wear the fugitive costume (cannot be acquired in the demo without cheats) - or play through the early chapters of the game, load the table into Cheat Engine, select Dragon Quest XI as the process (top-left button) and whenever you're ready, enter the Hood Up / Hood Down shortcut in-game. By default, the shortcut for Hood Up is Mouse 5 and Hood Down is Mouse 4 but these can be altered in cheat engine.
Unfortunately, the effect is not instant, you will need to change equipment, enter battle, or change location in order for the model to reload.

Update: I recommend using All Appearance Options (link above) if you want to swap hoods now, this mod adds the alternate hood (as well as all other unobtainable costumes) to the in-game cosmetic outfit list. I even provided my own version of this mod ^,^

More things to come.
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Original tools page.
Hope you enjoy!