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  1. tirnoney
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    FAQ - Please Read Before Posting

    Updated 26th March 2019

    Mod manager says this mod is not compatible with my patch.

    My mods were created with various versions of the modding tools and with various game patches up to and including patch 11 (internal version number 12). If you synchronise your game with Origin you will not get this error message. The game is pretty cheap now so please consider buying it.

    I'm getting infinite loading on returning to Skyhold/fast travelling.

    This is a known issue with some texture/mesh replacer mods. None of my mods fall into that category. The usual culprits are companion mods/cosmetic changes or texture replacers. The only way to track the issue is to remove those mods and add them back in individually. Check the comments section on all mods before you download them.

    Do your mods work with Trespasser/JoH/The Descent/Black Emporium?

    As far as I can tell all of my mods work in all of the DLC apart from the "investigate the bodies" scene in The Descent when all mods have to be disabled. Do that by incrementing the patch number in package.mft by 1 (usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age Inquisition\Update\Patch) then downgrading it again when you're past that scene. All hex edit mods, as opposed to texture and mesh replacer mods, will work fine in the DLC. The other option is to use Frosty and import your Daimods or use both mod managers. You can find tutorials for this on the DAI Modding Discord.

    Do you take requests?

    Usually no, I don't have the time, but if it's an addition or a natural extension to one of my existing mods then I'll consider it.

    I'm getting a error message from Mod Manager - something about zlib/mscorlib/blah blah

    There are many things that can cause Mod Manager to crash and refuse to build a patch for you. Sometimes just reinstalling it can fix the problem. Sometimes you're trying to install an old mod that's not compatible with the latest game patch. Check out the troubleshooting guides on the DAI Modding Discord.

    I'm still having problems getting your mod to work.

    You can post a comment here, but I have made a lot of mods and don't always have the time to provide support. First try this troubleshooting guide DAI Modder Central on tumblr. If that doesn't solve your problem, then try the DAI Modding Discord server: https://discord.gg/wzJG7Mq
  2. tirnoney
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    30/12/2015: New Version replaces DLC versions - The shop is now more like a supermarket. I've managed to squeeze in all the tier 3 and 4 crafting materials from the base game and Jaws of Hakkon, also most of the important masterworks, all the sigils from Trespasser, and a few herbs. Due to the way things get baked into save files, if you change shop mods during a playthrough some things may not appear in the shop or have odd amounts. They always work best with a new character it seems.

    15/10/2015: New Version - I've completely overhauled the shop to enable you to buy multiple items at once and I've added a new version which only sells tier 3 and 4 base game crafting materials and pure rune essences.

    In order to be able to buy multiple items at once, I had to reduce the total quantity that the merchant sells from infinity. I've set it to 5000. Please use some restraint. If you buy it all at once it will clog up your inventory. If you use the cheat version of the store and sell it all back you'll overload the game's gold calculator and break something. Buy 200 or so at most at a time.

    Also, whatever you sell back will not return to stock, it will simply disappear the next time you return to the shop. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    07/10/2015: Patch 11 (Internal version number 12) - Merges and works as before. Don't forget to tick "Force rescan of patch" on Mod Manager the first time you merge with the new patch.

    v1.1 couple of minor glitches with sigils hopefully fixed.

    Thanks (26/9/2015):

    I'm grateful to those of you who've taken the time to post thank-you comments. Modding can be tiring at times and knowing that people appreciate it really helps.
  3. termigrational
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    Thank you so much. This is perfect for my needs to avoid the grind of future games.
  4. xneseyx
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    Would it be possible for you to add more items? Sigil of the Great Bear and Fade-Touched Ring Velvet are both very difficult to find in-game. This would be very much appreciated.
  5. soin160594
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    • 23 posts
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    I dont know why for me in game there is not all sigils, ex: Great bear is missing
    Edit: Its on the mod All DLC Zero price, some stuuf are missing in it
    1. bbhong1993
      • member
      • 53 posts
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      The same problem in Moderate Discount. I'm confused.
  6. Magerose
    • supporter
    • 105 posts
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    Hello! I love this mode very much and I used the old version (TMM Crossroads Crafting Supply DLC - Normal Prices) for a long time. But now i install new version of this mod (TMM Crossroads Crafting Supply Everything - Moderate Discount) and the sigil of deathroot disappeared of sale. Is this glitch of my game?
  7. ratauz
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    I'm on the latest patch , sadly "it not compatible with this patch" can anyone tell me how to make this mod works ?
    I really need this one
  8. Worsin
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    I love your mods but i have 1 request.

    Please add blank runestone to more of the vendors. The ONLY one that sells it from what i can tell is the Crossroads guy when you do NOT have DLC installed. So basically with Redcliff and Crossroads DLCs installed the Blank Runestone is not available.
  9. Silvermoone
    • member
    • 34 posts
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    Okay, that's it...you truly are my favourite modder now!! No more repetitive strain injury \o/ Thank you for your incredible mods
  10. jefthereaper
    • supporter
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    what's the main difference between the new and old versions?
    I like your mods, but I would rather just have the shops having all items infinitely
    (and for a normal price, if I'm going to cheat, I rather still have breaks on my train, high prices usually do the trick if you don't cheat to spawn more money)

    Is the old version basically the same shop but with infinite items? or are there also some bugs/things that don't work to well in the old version.

    If not its not to big of a deal, but just trying to find out.
  11. Ryuuzetsu
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    Sorry but what do you mean by "If you synchronise your game with Origin you will not get this error message" I'm kinda newbie in this mod thing and I am unable to enable your mods due to the 12 version.
  12. Blims
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    I recently found your mods, this one and those for redcliff, and they are exactly what I was looking for, but i cant get them to work.

    Although I get no error message or similar when I merge the mods, the shops in game do not change and show their regular inventory.

    I tried several versions of your mods, one at a time, with no success. Any idea what I did wrong?