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Assortment of save files with all schematics and collectables acquired to suit your needs.

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I've uploaded several save files that contain different schematics depending on the DLC that you have installed. Do note that you DON'T
need either Spoils of the Avvar or Spoils of the Qunari for any of these files:

  • Schematics - Full: Requires all the DLC and Deluxe content.
  • Schematics - No DLX: Does not require Deluxe content to be installed but it DOES require all DLC.
  • Schematics - No DLC: Does not require any DLC.
  • Schematics - JoH only: Only requires Jaws of Hakkon.
  • Schematics - Descent only: Only requires The Descent.
  • Schematics - Trespasser only: Only requires Trespasser.
  • Schematics - JoH and Descent: Requires both Jaws of Hakkon and The Descent.
  • Schematics - Trespasser and JoH: Requires both Trespasser and Jaws of Hakkon.
  • Schematics - Trespasser and Descent: Requires both Trespasser and The Descent.

OPTIONAL FILE. By request, I added an extra file with a saved game right before the final battle in case you want to unlock the nug, if you haven't already. You WILL need the Deluxe content and latest patch to load it.

If you cannot load the game due to an incompatible game version simply go to "Origin Games/Dragon Age Inquisition/Update/Patch", open "package.mft" with Notepad or any other text editor & change the Version number to anything higher than 11 until your game loads, then just sync with the Golden Nug.

If you're using mods you may need to delete the Merged Patch folder (you can restore afterwards) and you'll need to change the number back to the original after syncing. If your mods still don't work, delete your "Patch_ModManagerMerge" folder and keep changing the Version number in your "Update/Patch" folder until you can load your save and then merge your mods again.


Version 2.01 Added the Masterwork Balanced Pommel schematic that I had previously missed.

Version 2.0 Added the missing schematics, the list should now be complete. Big thanks to GuerillaTech for helping me out with the missing schematics.

Version 1.1
Changed the save game file. Now it is a saved game right after reaching Skyhold, but it should no longer require you to change the Version number of your game (assuming that you are not using any mods).

Version 1.0 The main file contains a single post ending saved game. It includes most schematics from the base game as well as all schematics from Jaws of Hakkon, Descent and Trespasser (including the ones added to the base game).