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Increases gather/drop rate of fade-touched crafting materials

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*daimod for use with DAI_ModManager by Ehamloptiran*

*Requires official patch 5 or higher.(Authoritative Version 6+)*
*New official game patches WILL break mods - Keep backups so you can rollback if required.*

*Will not have effect on content added by DLC until tools and mod are updated.*
*Expect Jaws of Hakkon addon, eventually.*

In Dragon Age Inquisition all fade-touched masterwork crafting materials have a 1 in 100 chance of being dropped or gathered. You could gather hundreds of standard materials and still not see a single fade-touched version let alone the one you really want.

This mod increases the fade-touched drop and gather rate from metal deposits and loot drops. You're still at the mercy of the RNG but now it's a lot more forgiving.

Versions 0.1-0.3 of this mod have fixed drop rates as listed on the download tab.
Version 0.4 is a new user customisable version of the mod that allows the user to set thier own drop rates for FT metals, cloths and leathers.

Note: drops for fate-touched cloths and leathers are tied to story progression and won't appear until (I'm guessing) you complete the archanist quest and unlock masterwork crafting. Fade-touched metals can be gathered from the start.

While poking around I also found that some materials (Blue Vitriol, Drakestone, Iron, Lazurite and Nevarrite) don't have a second fade-touched variant set to drop at all. This might also be the case for some cloth and leather variants as well. I couldn't fix this.
Drop rates of all standard material have not been changed. So, 100% for gathering metals, 20% for cloth drops and 50-75% for leathers (generally)

This mod hasn't been extensively tested yet. But I confirmed that fade-touched metal drop rates have increased. I got 3 fade-touched iron from the deposits around Haven.
This mod has now been fairly well tested and seems to work OK. Version 0.4 is new and undergoing testing. Please report any issues.
There have been no reported issues with this mod. But please report any that you encounter, providing as much detail as possible.