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Force elect the Divine of your choosing, regardless of candidates' points. Main mod description contains spoilers

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Spoilers below...


UPDATE: I realized there's a much easier way to implement the party versions of this mod without having to think about who you talk to first. All 3 candidates now have the appropriate boolean swaps applied to their party conversations depending on whatever version of the mod you have installed. E.g., if you're using the Leliana version of the mod, you can talk to Vivienne, Cassandra, or Leliana at the party in any order to force Leliana's election. You may get multiple codex update notifications with this, but I figured that's only a small annoyance...


Even with mods like Choose Your Divine, sometimes Leliana is not elected Divine despite having the lead in points. There are booleans for each candidate "being Divine," and from what I can tell, the logic that runs whenever candidates gain or lose points is supposed to reset those three booleans according to whoever is in the lead. E.g., Cassandra gains a point, the logic checks that she now has the highest points, so it sets her boolean to "true" and falsifies Leliana and Vivienne's.

Although I unfortunately couldn't find out what is causing the bug-- wherein for some save files, Cassandra or Vivienne is flagged as "is Divine" despite Leliana having the most points-- I've created a work-around.

To use, install (1) version of the mod-- the version that corresponds with the person you want to be elected.

At the party after defeating Corypheus, first speak to whoever you want to be Divine. Initiating this conversation with the person you want to be elected Divine flips all the booleans. E.g., speak to Leliana, and she will now be flagged as "is Divine," and Cassandra and Vivienne will have that flag removed.

You can technically speak to your desired candidate last, but it's a bit immersion breaking since Cassandra and Vivienne have flags in their conversation that change depending on who is currently flagged as "is Divine." E.g., if you want Leliana to be Divine and you're using the mod for her, speak to her before Vivienne or Cassandra. Otherwise, if Cassandra or Vivienne are already flagged to become Divine (because they have the highest points or because of the Leliana bug), Cassandra or Vivienne will talk about themselves being Divine, despite the fact that Leliana will ultimately be elected.

On that note, you can technically have all three versions of the mod installed simultaneously, and whoever you speak to last at the party will win the election.

There's a fourth (untested) version of the mod as well which flags Leliana as "is Divine" during her conversation about potentially becoming Divine if you choose "I'd support you" as a response. I am not sure if this will address the Leliana bug because I am worried that if any of the candidates gain or lose points after you pick this dialogue, the possibly-faulty logic will run again and reset the booleans. This version of the mod conflicts with Choose Your Divine; the party versions do not.

Of course, you can just force elect the Divine by swapping booleans in your save game with the DAI Save Game Editor instead of my mod.

Thank you Katarsi for the mod idea/save files for mod testing.