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This mod allows you to increase the players inventory capacity by a variable amount.

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This mod requires the DAI MOD MANAGER v0.44 alpha
It is using the new daimod format, that is not supported by any prior versions.

Increases the players starting inventory capacity by a variable amount defined during merging. The default amount is set to 400 but this can be changed to any value between 60 and 32767

This will only work for new games or you have a character who has not obtained any of the inquisition perks for increasing inventory. At this point, you will need to edit your save game to do the same thing. Please refer to the below instructions on how to do that.

Prior to merging, make sure to select the mod and click the Configure button to configure the inventory capacity that you want

Please refer to here for mod installation instructions: http://www.nexusmods.com/dragonageinquisition/mods/116/?

Editing Savegame to increase Inventory Capacity
This should only be done if you have already obtained the inquisition perks to increase capacity, as prior to this its not stored in your save.

1/ Obtain the Savegame editor: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzqpBc4MrAMXY0h3NGh1dVduYmc/view?usp=sharing

2/ Open an existing save (You will need to figure out which save your after since they are not clearly named, just open the file in notepad and look through the first few lines to determine if its the right save or not)

3/ Under Plot Integer flags, look for the flag specified in the screenshot below:

5/ Click on it, and change the text box to your preferred amount and hit update.

6/ Click save and overwrite the savegame (Make sure to back it up first). The saves have a particular naming standard, so don't save to a new file unless you keep the existing name.

7/ Launch game and observe difference.