Dragon Age: Inquisition
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This Mod simply gives you an assortment of Tier 1 Schematics&Crafting Materials. Just enough to make crafting in the early game more enjoyable but not enough to leave you overpowered or ruin the challenge of the game.

Permissions and credits
The following loot can be found within several different containers early in the Prologue. Provided you loot every container until you get to Leliana and Roderick, you will have found everything this mod lists:

Loot Locations
  1. Up the hill, after the "drop your weapons" confrontation with Cassandra
  2. -Crafting Materials and Tactical Renewal Amulets x3
  3. Behind meeting with Solas & Varric
  4. -Heavy armour schematics and Tactical Renewal Amulet x1
  5. Down the hill from the first rift with Solas and Varric, the Templar in behind the frozen river. (Bit easy to miss, look carefully!)
  6. -Medium armour schematics
  7. House to the right of the valley
  8. -Light armour schematics
  9. House middle of the valley
  10. -1st part of Weapons Schematics
  11. By 3 demons and dead templar way left in the valley
  12. -2nd part of Weapons Schematics
  13. In front of Roderick & Leliana
  14. -3rd and final part of Weapons Schematics

Tactical Renewal Amulets x4

Tier 1 Armor Schematics:

Sturdy Apprentice Armor
Sturdy Apprentice Coat
Sturdy Apprentice Mail
Apprentice Armor Arms
Apprentice Coat Arms
Apprentice Mail Arms
Apprentice Armor Legs
Apprentice Coat Legs
Apprentice Mail Legs

Sturdy Scout Armor
Sturdy Scout Coat
Sturdy Scout Mail
Scout Armor Arms
Scout Coat Arms
Scout Mail Arms
Scout Armor Legs
Scout Coat Legs
Scout Mail Legs

Sturdy Defender Armor
Sturdy Defender Coat
Sturdy Defender Mail
Defender Armor Arms
Defender Coat Arms
Defender Mail Arms
Defender Armor Legs
Defender Coat Legs
Defender Mail Legs

Tier 1 Weapon Schematics:
Arming Sword
Leaf Mace
Curved Longsword Grip
Army Longsword Grip
Hilted One-Handed Haft
Bulky One-Handed Haft
Fereldan Greatsword
Pointed Maul 
Double-Bearded Axe
Dense Two-Handed Haft 
Rugged Two-Handed Haft
Sharp Pommel
Apprentice Staff
Keeper Staff
Jewelled Staff Blade
Disciple Staff Blade
Acolyte Staff Blade
Rugged Staff Grip
Spiked Staff Grip
Curved Dagger
Pointed Dagger Grip
Recurved Longbow
Rugged Bow Grip
Bianca Aiming I (Enhanced)
Bianca Arms I (Enhanced)
Masterwork Sturdy Bianca Grip
Kite Shield

Tier 1 Crafting Materials:

Lambswool x99
Samite x99
Cotton x99

Nugskin x99
Bronto Hide x99
Fennec Fur x99

Drakestone x99
Onyx x99
Iron x99

Just a heads up, I was only able to make this mod via using the tutorial made by Anhamirak. If you like this mod but you DO like to be overpowered at the start of the game, maybe consider trying her mods instead!