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Makes the game believe human Inquisitors are Dalish. Because.

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Human Dalish / Elf-Blooded Dalish
(First, apologies if someone has already done this, because if they have, they've probably done it better, and I wish I'd found it earlier so I didn't waste time doing this myself.)

I recently had a conundrum, where I really wanted to wear human armors (particularly Sera's), but I also wanted to play an elf.  And since so far it's mostly impossible-seeming to make human armors for elfy characters (way above my paygrade, if it is actually possible), I decided to just play a human elf.  (Or rather an elf-blooded human.  They look totally human!  Just ask Feynriel and Alistair.)

So here you go -- headcanon away! Play an elf-blooded human Dalish torn between two worlds!  Romance the egg with an extra layer of angst!  Or just, you know, prance around in fun clothing.

This mod will:
-- Change Trevelyan Inquisitors into Lavellan, with all the associated War Table assignments and dialogue.
-- Make characters recognize you as an elf (despite your lack of ears; just pretend they're slightly pointed and people are jerks).

This mod will not:
-- Give you Vallaslin.  Luckily, Elf Tattoos for Humans and Dwarves will!
-- Give you pointy ears (sorry).
-- Change the Dread Wolf's heart.  (You can romance Solas as HF with this, no extra mods required, I just wanted to use that line, haha.)
-- Allow all the cute little elf ladies to wear Sera's armor.  Alas.
-- Change your status in the Keep.  You will upload as Trevelyan.

Notes:  You MUST keep the mod installed the entire time you want to play a human Dalish, not just during character creation.  Otherwise you'll revert to Trevelyan. In that same vein, do NOT use this mod UNLESS you are planning to play a human Dalish, because it will automatically turn your human Inquisitors
into elves.

WARNING: Since I have very limited knowledge of DAI modding, this was done entirely through trial and error (mostly error), and I can't guarantee there isn't a much easier way of doing this than I chose, or that there won't be some weird complication I can't guess at.  I also have no clue on DLC functionality, be warned!  (Also, if this ends up being buggy and/or someone points out I've done this stupidly, I'll probably delete this.  JUST SO YOU KNOW.)

Also, I haven't actually tested this on a male Inquisitor, but there's no reason for it not to work on them.

Installation: if you haven't used the DAI Mod Manager before, I recommend following a tutorial.

Miscellaneous Origin Swaps

I've added a couple of different requested origin swaps into the optional files.  However, please note:  while I can do swaps between other races and origins, switching the origins using this method affects both the game's camera angles and the positioning of characters interacting with you.  As such, making changes between races with dramatic differences in height -- such as elf and Qunari -- will result in the game displaying wonkily.

For reference, an Elven Tal-Vashoth:

Bear that in mind if you want any specific swaps!

Made with Frosty and DAI Tools.