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**SOLDIER UNIFORMS ADDED!** Recolors of the Inquisition heraldry, furniture, decor and uniforms. Blue and Silver, Charcoal and Crimson, Emerald and Charcoal, Black and Silver.

Permissions and credits
These are simple recolors of the game's vanilla heraldry textures, including all Inquisition flags and banners, and the Inquisition throne.  I have also included a mod that changes the decor around Skyhold - rugs, murals, stained glass - and one that changes the furniture in Skyhold to match.

  • Blue and silver
  • Charcoal and crimson
  • Emerald and charcoal  **NEW 5/26/2018
  • Black and silver/Monochrome **NEW 5/28/2018
  • Purple, black and silver (Coming soon!)
  • Red and white (Requested, coming soon)
  • Blue and gold (Requested, coming soon)

I have also added an optional Darker Wood Furniture mod, which affects the desk, table, dresser and bookshelves in the Inquisitor's quarters.  It looks particularly good with the darker color schemes, as noted on the file download page.

**EDIT 6/9/2018**  Inquisition Soldier uniforms added for all color schemes!!!
These files are in the All-in-One downloads and can be installed or deleted as you choose.  

These uniforms affect all NPCs that wear Inquisition armor, which includes light armor, scout armor, medium armor and heavy armor, plus the Warmage armor that Threnn wears and that is used in Multiplayer, and both Dagna and Harding's unique armors.  It will also affect all crafted Inquisition armor and is not tintable.

You can use Skyhold Outfit and Formal Attire Replacements by sirsagrell to get these retextured armors as either Skyhold PJs or as formalwear replacements.  The Heavy, Medium and Light Inquisition armors are under the main file and will work for all humans, elves and dwarves.  The Inquisition Warmage Robes (Threnn's armor) is under Multiplayer Outfits and is available for HF (Necromancer) and EM (Arcane Warrior) only.

**EDIT 6/23/2018**  All coordinating Inquisitor wardrobe mods have been moved!
I have published formalwear, gown, coat, PJ and outerwear retextures under the mod Faction Wardrobe for All.  Check it out!

This mod was inspired by the wonderful LL Inquisition Faction mod by LapisLazzuli.  As a result, I will not be doing a gold and green recolor - it's already been done!

A list of assets that are changed by each mod is included in the readme.  This mod will conflict with any mod that alters those assets.  If you want to use this mod but change just one asset (such as using a mod for a different Inquisition throne) just make sure this mod is first in the load order, so that the other mod will overwrite the files it needs to.

I have only minimally tested these mods so if you run into bugs or conflicts, please let me know!!  If anyone is willing to convert these mods to Frosty Mod Manager format, contact me!