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Game save of a female human rogue with all side quests completed, but main quests and companion quests undone. Great for a playthrough for just the story! She also has all the main game and DLC schematics. Inspired by Lightis' "All Side Quest Done" saves. Working on a second version of Caiah that will side with Templars.

Permissions and credits
This save was made with full deluxe content. That includes Spoils of the Avaar, Spoils of the Qunari, and Flames of the Inquisition.

*Update June 4, 2018 - New saves of Caiah allying with the templars. Her appearance is different here, her hair mod is Three Hairstyles for HF, HF_Big Bun by MissObsidienne.*

*Update May 30, 2018 - same game save, no mods installed. Her armor will not be visible, though she is still wearing it. Some companions may need new weapons made, because I made them with a weapons mod that is no longer there.*

Caiah Trevelyan, rogue.
Game save is at the blacksmith in Skyhold.
All side quests complete, including all collectibles (except two tiles of Invasion - both located at Din'an Hanin).
*Exception: Scattered in Skyhold - the dialogue does not trigger correctly in my game, so I can't activate the quest.
Main quests and companion quests not done, except those picked up in Haven (Seeing Red, Memories of the Grey, Measuring the Veil).
All romances for female character are available (including Harding).

Complete schematics (including DLCs).
Storage chest has rare weapons, armor, and a lot of unique accessories. Caiah and all companions are wearing some DLC accessories.
All abilities reset - no specialization chosen.
Lots of money. Tons of crafting materials.
Because I used a mod to make my characters' weapons, many of the weapons the characters were carrying are no longer there, others have reverted to the tier 1 schematic that the mod based it on. I used tirnoney's Rare Weapons mod, the link is below. There's plenty of schematics and materials to make new ones.
Caiah's armor is may not be visible without the mod.

Allied with mages.
Hero of Ferelden was male mage, romanced Morrigan, did the dark ritual, Hero killed archdemon,  made Alistair king, Alistair married Anora. Hero followed Morrigan into eluvian during Witch Hunt.
Champion was male warrior, romanced Anders, sided with templars, Bethany became Circle mage and died in final battle, Hawke approved of Anders' destruction of Chantry.

INSTALLATION: Download the zipped save file manually. Unzip using 7z, UnRar or similar program. Put save file in Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age Inquisition/Save folder. Open up your game, choose "load", and she should be in the character list.
*If you cannot open the save because it says it needs a newer patch, go to your hard drive, open Program Files (86)/Origin Games/Dragon Age Inquisition/Update/Patch and, using notepad, open up the "package.mft" file. Where it says "Version #", you can change the number to 13. Then save the file and close it. Run your ModManager and then make sure that the mod patch package.mft file version is 14. This should allow you to open the save.*

Mods recommended to maintain hairstyle and armor:
-Side Braid With Bun by caliterra, side braid with bun (HF)
-Trespasser Skyhold PJ Replacer by Atheriz, Assassin Saarebas MP Armors Crafting
Caiah's armor will be invisible without this mod. This mod is not compatible with any other crossroads store mod.

Other mods I like:
-Unlock and Change Specializations (et alia) by MxT-ZS1, unlock specs
-Improved Lashes by xStephyG, v3 longest fullest lashes
-Open All Halla Doors by timoney
-War Table No Waiting by Tahira
-Yes we know about Mythal by sirsagrell
-No More Fog of War by fontofnothing, DAIMOD version
-Unlock Masterwork Crafting in Haven by Atheriz
-Craftorama by badken
-New Game Plus by badken
-Upgraded Armor Schematics by tirnoney
-Ardent Blossom Misc Store by Atheriz
-Rare Weapons by tirnoney
-SK Hair Re-texture by The Care Taker
-Restored Mosaics by unniebee

Other game saves by me:
-Completed Side Quests EM Mage
-Completed Side Quests EF Mage
-Completed Side Quests DF Rogue
-Completed Side Quests QM Mage
-Completed Side Quests EF Rogue
-Completed Side Quests DM Rogue
-Completed Side Quests HM Mage
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-Completed Side Quests HM Mage (by request)
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-Completed Side Quests EM Rogue No Deluxe Content
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-Completed Side Quests EF Rogue No Deluxe Content
-Completed Side Quests QF Warrior No Deluxe Content
-Completed Side Quests EM Mage No Deluxe Content
-Completed Side Quests QF Rogue No Deluxe Content

*PLEASE feel free to comment and let me know if I can improve on this mod. I would also love to see screenshots of your playthrough, especially if you changed her appearance!*