Dragon Age: Inquisition
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Also removes all damage resistance cap for all inquisitors.
Installation requires DAI Mod Manager.

Permissions and credits
  • Note that DAI Mod Manager mods and Frosty Mod Manager mods can work along at the same time. Check out the Installation Instructions below or my tutorial on YouTube.
  • If you're using Frosty Mod Manager, check this mod that achieves the same function: All Ability Trees for Inquisitor (for Frosty Mod Manager).
  • This mod unlocks all ability trees in game for all inquisitors.
  • Also removes damage resistance (coldfireelectricityspiritnaturemeleeranged and magic defense) upper limit for all inquisitors (now 100% max instead of 80% in vanilla game).
  • Uploaded edited EBX files of this mod that can be imported in DAI Mod Maker, for anyone who's interested.
  • Uploaded a miscellaneous mod that only adds Knight-Enchanter specialization for female and male elven rogues.

Installation Instructions
  1. Download the mod file and extract it to your mod location.
  2. Launch DAI Mod Manager and select the mods you want to activate.
  3. Merge the mods and launch the game.
  • Inquisitors of any race, sex and class all have 32 ability trees.
  • From left to right, the display order of all ability trees is: 
        Inquisitors' Class Basic Trees ---> Inquisitors' Class Specializations ---> Inquisitor Specialization ---> Mage Specializations ---> Mage Basic Trees ---> Rogue Specializations ---> Rogue Basic Trees ---> Warrior Specializations ---> Warrior Basic Trees ---> Companions' Specializations ---> Varric's Bianca Tree