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Adds an item that can be used anywhere to instantly trigger banter between your party members.

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This mod adds an item, Rune of Banter, that can be put on your quickbar and will instantly trigger banter between your current companions when you use it, and it can be used anywhere! The rune has infinite uses and a cooldown of 10 seconds.

The rune will appear at the Trinket Emporium in Lowtown (it's free), in all Acts, and it will always be restocked so that the store always has one in case you accidentally destroy yours. The Trinket Emporium will only ever have a maximum of one rune for sale at a time, though, so don't worry about her inventory swelling up. It's found under "Usable Items", where you normally find potions (for scripting reasons, it has to be classified as a potion internally rather than a rune).

How do I use this mod?

  1.     Download the mod, then unzip the folder "DAE Rune of Banter" to your override folder, located at Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override
  2.     Load your game, then go to Lowtown and buy the rune from the Trinket Emporium (it's under "Usable Items").
  3.     Put the Rune of Banter into your quickbar and enjoy all the banter you desire!

Open the console (the DA Wiki has a guide if you don't know how), and type "runscript give_rob" (without quotes) to give yourself the rune. You only have to do this once, don't worry. If you can't use the console, don't worry; you can just buy it from the Trinket Emporium like normal. This is just for people who want it more quickly.

Anything else I should know?

When you're playing the Legacy or Mark of the Assassin DLCs, using the rune won't do anything, as normal banters are disabled in those areas.

On some occasions, the Rune of Banter may appear to not do anything. This has to do with how the game plays banter: Behind the scenes, every time a banter is triggered, the game makes a big list of the banters your current party could have, and then picks one randomly. As you hear more and more banters, chances get higher that the game will pick one you've already heard. At the risk of stating the obvious, if the game picks a banter you've already heard, nothing will happen. When you've heard almost all of the current party's banter, you might have to use the rune two or three times before the very last ones play.

However, if you use the Rune of Banter several times in a row and nothing happens, it means you've heard all of your current party's banter. I'd give it seven or eight tries before you quit, to make sure you're not just getting unlucky. Also keep in mind new banters will unlock when you've completed certain companions' quests and when you move into a new Act. Once you're sure you've heard all of them, just swap one or more of your party members out, and you'll hear banters again.

Can this mod be used on an existing save?

It sure can! Just head to Lowtown and buy the rune from the Trinket Emporium (it's under "Usable Items"). Or use the console, if you prefer.

Can this mod be used on non-English versions of the game?

Yes, but the rune's name will always be in English. Sorry. It will still work just fine, though.


Delete the folder "DAE Rune of Banter" from your override folder.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

This mod was a collaboration with Hermaen2000, who rebuilt events_h and party_h for DA2, allowing for my original DAO script to assemble the banter array. This would not have been possible without his help.