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Changes the cooldown for the Summon Mabari spell to 1 second and removes being rooted in place during the summoning.

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I got so annoyed that the Mabari summon ability doesn't behave like other "Sustained Mode" abilities. Having to wait for 30 seconds after every loading screen and being unable to move during the summoning animation was tedious.

This mod changes the cooldown of the ability to 1 second and removes the requirement to be rooted in place as the summoning happens.
A proper solution would be to have the summon persist through loading screens, but I do not know how to achieve that.

Extract to Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override

If you wish to do it yourself:
1. Extract abi_one.gda from 2da.erf (Dragon Age II\addins\da2_prc_one\core\data) with the pyGFF editor.
2. Open abi_one.gda with GDApp and scroll all the way to the 'cooldown' column. Change it to whatever you want the cooldown to be.
4. Change 'draw_weapon' and 'Animation' columns to 0 if you want to avoid being rooted in place while the Summoning is happening.
draw_weapon originally is 1
Animation originally is 121
5. Go to File> Save As and name it something "unique", like abi_one_summon.gda. Put that gda file inside your override folder and that should be all.

Or if you don't want to use GDapp, you can open abi_one.gda with pyGFF, edit the value for column 35 to any number you want.