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Removes personality-based restrictions (and optionally adds a persuasion check) from certain dialogue choices.

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Reinventing the (Dialogue) Wheel
an experiment in dialogue options (with a very silly name)
Update 7-12-22: Added a loose file that removes the rogue restriction for throwing a dagger at Varian Ilthis in Wayward Son.  This was a request that will eventually be included in the main mod.  Note that I am not actually doing requests, but if you have suggestions for conversations I may have missed, you can leave them in the comments, and I'll consider them.  The conversations I specifically didn't add because they don't have a reasonable "fail" outcome or don't really change anything (such as mediating the dispute between Orsino and Meredith at the end of Act 2) may later be added as simple restriction removals.  The are other conversations I purposely left out because of compatibility issues, and right now I don't want to touch those.

What It Does
This mod removes personality-specific restrictions from certain dialogue options in several conversations (mostly in Act 1).  For example, some conversations have special dialogue options for if Hawke has a Diplomatic personality.  This mod removes that restriction, making it possible to choose the option regardless of Hawke's current dominant personality type.

There are two versions of the mod, Unrestricted and Persuasion Check.  You can choose either version, and either as an ERF or as loose files (so you can remove any conversations you don't want).  Place the selected version in your Override.  Choose only one of the options. 

How it Works
As stated above, there are two versions of the mod.  The first simply removes restrictions and allows you to choose the option as you normally would.  The second option adds a "persuasion" check -- you can take the dialogue choice, but there's a possibility you will fail and the conversation will proceed in another direction. 

This is still experimental, as I wasn't sure how best to do the check, but the basic way it works is this:

  • You will always pass a persuasion check for a choice that corresponds with Hawke's dominant personality.  (So, how it works in vanilla.)
  • You have a chance of passing a persuasion check for choices that don't correspond with Hawke's dominant personality.  The odds of passing the check are increased by a couple of things:
  1. Attributes.  Cunning will affect Charm/Humor dialogue options; Strength will affect Aggressive/Direct dialogue options; Willpower will affect Diplomatic/Helpful options.
  2. Companions.  Having Carver, Aveline, and/or Fenris in your party will affect Aggressive/Direct dialogue options.  Having Isabela and/or Varric in your party will affect Charm/Humor dialogue options.  Having Bethany and/or Sebastian in your party will affect Diplomatic options.
  • Additionally, if you're using Kirkwall Expanded, some of the special properties on accessories will affect outcomes.  Specifically, if Hawke is equipped with anything that has the "Advanced Negotiator" property, you will automatically pass Charm/Humor checks.  "Warleader" will work for Aggressive/Direct checks, and "Good Shepherd" will work for Diplomatic checks.

List of scenes changed:

There are a number of scenes I didn't touch, for a couple of specific reasons -- either because the dialogue choice doesn't affect outcome in any way regardless, or because of compatibility issues.  I may have forgotten some other scenes and add them in later.

The Persuasion Check version is highly experimentalIt should work just fine, but the checks may be a bit too easy/may need a better method of handling them.

I'm not aware of any mods that alter these specific conversations, but if there are any, there will be a conflict.  (I specifically didn't edit scenes that I had edited in other mods for that reason.)

List of vanilla files edited:

Sapphim's Tutorials
-- Great resource for learning about plot and dialogue editing.
ThaliaGraces -- Idea/brainstorming