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This mod will give your Fem!Hawke four different eyeliners to choose from under the "Tattoos" in the Character Creator.

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As stated, this mod will give Fem!Hawke four different eyeliner styles to choose from under the "Tattoos" section in the character creator. Because of the way tattoo textures are, there will be duplicates of three of each style with varying opacities -- the last duplicate being the most opaque. If I could figure out how to have the eyeliner show up with only the most opaque option, I would, but sadly this is my first mod, and trial and error has made this work to the best of my capabilities!

A facet to this mod: for now, this mod seems to look best with the "Iconic Hawke" preset (which can be found with LOTCS Lashes) and the first eye shape option there is (under "Eyes," it is the furthest eye shape to the left). The reason being is that it is the preset and eye shape that I use for my Hawke and I tweaked the eyeliner to best suit that eye shape. It may also look different depending on how high or low the brows are set. I may eventually try to tweak the texture to fit other eye shapes, but for now this is the eye shape it looks best with. It will work with other eye shapes; however, it may appear different compared to the images I have provided. Eyeliner two and three should look fine with all eye shapes, but eyeliner one and four may not.

This is my first mod, so please let me know if it is not showing correctly for you! It works in my game, but I can only test it for myself! If it does not work for you, please let me know. I will try my best to fix it :D


There are two ways to install this mod -- both ways are in the -- READ ME -- but I will put them here, too! :)

1.) Copy "Eyeliner" folder with .erf file in it and paste it into the override folder
2.) Paste what is below into your game's chargenmorphfile in your override under the <tattoos> section
    <resource name="mt_tat_cos_0t" />
    <resource name="mt_tat_cou_0t" />
    <resource name="mt_tat_css_0t" />
    <resource name="mt_tat_cus_0t" />

1.) Copy "Eyeliner" folder with .erf file in it and paste it into the override folder  
2.) Copy "chargenmorph" folder and paste it into the override folder
3.) Use "DA CHARGENMORPH COMPILER"  to compile .xml files


Simply delete the "Eyeliner" folder from your override and the resource names from your chargen files! Done! :)

Unique Face Textures for Companions by Ellise
SJC'S Makeup Edit by SammyJC
Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors for DA2 by Pineappletree
Pineappletree's Vibrant Eyes for DA2 by Pineappletree
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KS Hairs for Dragon Age 2 by anshela
LOTCS Female Eyelashes for DA2 by marquiseondore
Enchantment Reshade (DX11) by SpectreGarrus93
Leap of Fate by LapisLazzuli


Please do not reupload this mod anywhere else under any circumstance. You are welcome to edit the mod to suit your Hawke's needs, but if you do reupload on Nexus with your edits, please ask for permission first! Thank you! :)