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Modular changes to mage equipment and NPCs, mostly to create the illusion that apostates might actually try to hide their identities. :-o Also some fun with Circle robes, and NPC clone reduction.

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I've always thought it funny how Hawke (and like, 25% of Kirkwall) can run around in full Circle robes and staff and no one seems to notice or care.  So, I've made a collection of "covert" mage items - swapping certain mage robe appearances for clothes or armor, and new classes of magical melee weapons.
(I know there are mods that do each of these things separately, but I wanted a larger scope, and also to avoid console-ing in weapons)

My changes are modular, and divided into three folders that can be installed altogether or separately:
Armors - robes for Hawke, changed to armor or clothing.  Includes unique items as well as randomly-generated generic armors. 
(Basically, if it's not dropped by Circle mage enemies, sold at the Gallows mage store, or explicitly stated to be Circle mage gear, I changed it.  So, there are still some robes that look like robes.) 
NPCs - apostate NPCs changed from wearing Circle robes into armor or clothing.  Mostly done en masse by apr_base & UTI edits, but a few NPCs had to be singled out. 
Weapons - new weapons that are act like staves at a distance but look like non-mage weapons.  The fighting animations have been mixed between both so that it looks fairly plausible (IMO).  These new weapons mostly replace some of the randomly-generated weapons dropped by certain NPC factions, with a few new unique weapons scattered around.  Optional files replace Bethany's & mage-Hawke's starting staves. 

I also found in the files some unused robe tints for Apostate, Bloodmage, and Circle NPCs, and of course I had to use them. 

Optional files reduce the specularity (shininess) of all robe tints to 10% of the original (because ouch, my eyes!)

Optional: The Colorful Circle
My personal quest to rid DA2 of the boring DAO mage robes and give the Circle mages more color variety.  I've changed around some item & NPC appearances, and added some tints.  Also changed a couple unique robes to better fit their names, and put Tranquil NPCs into mage robes instead of normal clothing. 
Not dependent on the main mod. 

Optional: Clone Removal Services
Many of the mainline quest battles & cutscenes have a noticeable amount of duplicate mage NPCs (seriously, is that what they're all using blood magic for?!?).  I've set up a few simple scripts to diversify them.  Works best with The Covert Mage and/or The Colorful Circle, but can be used on its own. 
Should not conflict with anything, really.
Currently includes the following quests: 
Act of Mercy
Best Served Cold
The Last Holdouts
The Last Straw
**A glitch has been brought to my attention, where a couple random mages appear right in the middle of the final battle cutscene / fight.  I'm trying to work out how to make them consistently disappear like they're supposed to, but until then, please remove the script named 'tls_4.ncs' before you enter the final battle with Meredith.  Or, you can just leave it out entirely; it's the smallest and least noticeable clone removal anyway.

As some of the items were left without factional tinting for aesthetics and/or consistency, I recommend also using ShotgunBuckaneer's Altered Material Tints or my own Colorful Materials.  :)