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New base material tints that resemble their descriptions.

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A few months ago, ShotgunBuckaneer discovered that the base material tints in item_materials are rather underwhelming (everything but light armors share the same tints, the "reds" are completely blank, and they all seem to be called "placeholder"),  and I was inspired to make my own version.  The material names for each item type follow a pattern of red-black-silver-gold, so that's what I tried to make.
(unlike DAO, in DA2, material is completely cosmetic)

How each tint looks on an item depends on its tint map and base diffuse color, and while I did test a variety of items, some do end up better looking than others. 
Some armors also have a factional tint that overrides the material color. 

Install folder in the override.  Can be installed/uninstalled at any time. 

Will conflict with anything else that alters the original 20 materials in item_materials.gda.