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Adds a few halla to the Dalish encampment at Sundermount in Acts 2 and 3.

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Halla for Clan Sabrae

This is just a little mod that adds a few halla to the Dalish encampment on Sundermount in Acts 2 and 3.  I know in Act 1, they mention having lost their halla, but I thought it would be nice for them to have some in the later acts, as the years pass.

(I know someone? mentions maybe getting halla from another clan -- I'm not sure what act that it is, but if that contradicts me putting them in here, maybe they just mean MORE halla!)

Just drop the ERF into your Override.  Next time you visit Sundermount in Acts 2 and 3, you'll see some halla.  There are two in Act 2 and four in Act 3.

I got the halla models moving in game by borrowing the Mabari animations.  This means a few things:  the halla are a little smaller than they should be, and the animations aren't totally perfect.  Also, there are some slight seams in the textures that I can't seem to fix -- it's a mesh issue that refuses to behave.

Also, since Mabari apparently have no collision, these have no collision, and thus you can just kind of walk right through them.  So maybe don't do that.

Although I haven't tested it, the halla are most likely just going to sit there and watch as their clan gets slaughtered if you happen to do that.

Models/textures were yanked from DAI.
I used sapphim's Automatic Item Delivery - Tutorial and Template to spawn the halla.
Thanks to QuenchedSteel for the Blender to DA2 Export Script.