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Restored cut dialogue, plus some bugfixes

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Varric Dialogue Edits

Restored content:

  • Restored comments from your love interest (Anders, Fenris, Isabela, Merrill) that play if they are in your party during Varric's Friendly Concern chat (see video).
    • This does make the rest of the conversation awkward. Pretend they walk away off-camera, as making them walk away on-camera was too difficult.


  • Fixed the bug in Friendly Concern where Varric would abruptly start talking about a completely different person halfway through the conversation.
  • Removed the "Just taking care of my family" dialogue option if Plans for the Future is completed after All That Remains.

Flirt equalizer:

  • These edits are optional and were done strictly to personal taste.
    • mHawke gets Varric's "Don't make me break your heart again, Hawke. You know we'd never work out." / "For you, I have all the time in the world." greetings at the start of Friendly Concern
    • fHawke gets Varric's "Hawke, I know I'm damned near irresistible, but you're just too high-maintenance for me. Sorry." when taking the "You're jealous?" option in the same conversation, rather than the 537th gag about how women can't resist the chest hair

Files modified:

  • gen00fl_varric.cnv
  • gen00fl_varric6076123.cl
  • gen00fl_varric6076424.cl
  • gen00fl_varric6076427.cl
  • gen00fl_varric6076432.cl
  • gen00fl_varric6076435.cl
  • gen00fl_varric6076440.cl
  • gen00fl_varric6076443.cl
  • gen00fl_varric6076446.cl
  • gen00fl_varric6076449.cl
  • gen00fl_varric6076454.cl
  • gen00fl_varric6076457.cl
  • gen00fl_varric6076460.cl
  • gen00fl_varric6076463.cl


  • Unzip and place .erf in packages\core\override, delete to uninstall.
  • Can be installed or uninstalled at any point.