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adds leliana's dai armor and puts it on her

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This mod adds Leliana's armor and, provided you have Sebastian's DLC (and why wouldn't you?) puts it on her.


Drop your chosen erfs into your override folder. There's three to choose from:

  • The main armor, which is a standalone armor. "runscript leli" will add it to your inventory. It's fhawke only.
  • A face file, with a texture made from her DAI texture. not suitable for personal use unless you have a hairstyle that covers both ears, lol.
  • An equipment change, provided you have Sebastian's dlc (and why wouldn't you?) for her act 3 appearance.

No, I can't change how she looks in the cutscene at the very end - that's a filmed scene, so I have no control over that.


Feel free to offer retextures and new standalones based on this armor, I just ask for some credit for porting it.
Lots of thanks to angerygaymer/headache247 for their letting me have a save to test this in. ILY bb!