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armor mashup for fenris

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This was mostly made for personal use, but I did obtain permission to use the tattoos, so I figured why not - maybe someone else will enjoy this.

This is an armor mashup for Fenris utilizing DAI models, based loosely off of a) the Tevinter feel, b) how cool I thought Fenris would look with a big metal fist and 3) some art by a user named Drist that I can't? find anymore. I'd like to find it again to link it here, but alas.

Anyway, at least 1 other person was excited for this, so here it is! Hope you all enjoy.


Drop into packages/core/override. MIGHT not be compatible with DFA, in which case you should rename the file something like zz_Fen_Armor to make it override the file included there.

EDIT 10/25/17: A new version has been uploaded that will likely work in Dx9, and has an improved glow. Additionally, the newer file should no longer have the issue that was present before where the flesh on his arms will suddenly revert to the original texture.


ShaunsArtHouse - The tattoos come from this XNALara model, used with permission. All other textures are vanilla.
Skaramoosh - The sideswept and brushed back hairs came from SK Hair Pack; the Cullen hair came from their Long Hair for Cullen mod.