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momtherford's Robes of the Inquisitor for DA2

Permissions and credits

Ah, okay so, I love momtherford's DAI mods and wanted to put some of them into DA2 for a number of reasons. I reached out and asked for permission and was given it, so here it is! Spent all morning working on it, hope you all enjoy.

Comes in 2 flavors - full/heavy 4096 (doublewide to accommodate both accessory and main textures) and 2048 that's a bit lighter/more performance friendly. Pick yr poison.

Drop your chosen erf (and the loose script) into your override folder. Open the console and type the following codes for whichever armor you want:

runscript arm_elegv1 for Elegance V1
runscript arm_elegv2 for Elegance V2
runscript arm_grandeur for Grandeur V1
runscript arm_grandeurv2 for Grandeur V2
runscript robesinq for all the robes (<this is a loose script)


Lace and other brushes by ObsidianDawn
Leather texture by environment-textures
Various textures by jojo-ojoj
Fur texture by roseenglish
Various patterns by crazy-alice
momtherford for the original and beautiful DAI mod which I love

Noting now that the metal textures are, as is usual, a little on the dull side so I DID consider removing the griffin on the shoulder; if that's sth people want, let me know and I'll do as much. Elf versions are currently planned but not priority.

I can't give permission to reuse these textures (you'd have to ask momtherford for perms), but if they okay it then I okay it.