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fewer sibling kidnappings + kidnap Sebastian + a myriad of bugfixes + DFA compatibility

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turn on subtitles! if Sebastian is kidnapped some dialogue will be unvoiced

Kidnappapalooza - Best Served Cold Redux

Bugs swatted:

  • That bug where sometimes the kidnapped character could still be selected in the party picker and taken to their own rescue has been fixed
  • That bug where sometimes the kidnapped character could still appear at their home base if they had a new conversation available has been fixed
  • That bug where Sebastian (who has a very kidnappable face) could not be kidnapped has been fixed
  • That bug where some incompetents somehow abducted your sibling from the Grey Wardens has been fixed
  • That bug where your pal mysteriously changed their outfit just in time for their kidnapping has been fixed
  • And more!

More details:

  • Sebastian can be kidnapped now, with unvoiced dialogue, both as a romance and as a friend.

  • The old order in which characters would be kidnapped was:
  1. Your sibling, if alive
  2. Your romance, if not in the party (not Sebastian)
  3. A friend (Varric more often than not in my experience)

  • The new order in which characters will be kidnapped is:
  1. Your romance, if not in the party (including Sebastian)
  2. Your sibling, if at the circle (not a warden)
  3. A +100 friend (pretty random)

  • Your sibling won't show up in the wrong clothes, your romance won't show up in their non-romance outfit, and it's compatible with DFA.
  • Hostage-specific journal updates that were previously inaccessible in game (due to being overwritten with another journal update in the same conversation) have been restored just because I found them and I can.

Known issues & compatibility:

  • Sebastian, when kidnapped, will not be visible outside of cutscenes, as I wasn't able to figure out the method the devs used to make the hostage lie on the ground outside of cutscenes.
  • If you have DFA installed then until you rescue the kidnapped character they will appear undressed when you open the party picker. It was that or have no DFA compatibility at all so just ignore it.
  • This is not compatible with No Sibling Kidnapping by varricsretelling due to altering the same file, but there is a "no sibling" alternate download.
  • All text added for Sebastian's kidnapping will be in English even if your game is localized to another language. It's also all recycled from existing lines spoken by other characters because I'm lazy.

Files modified:

  • plt_mag321pt_bestservedcold.plo
  • mag311_keran.cnv
  • mag360_thrask.cnv
  • mag360st_thrask.stg
  • mag360_alain.cnv
  • mag360st_alain.stg
  • a lot of .cl files for Alain's and Thrask's dialogue that I am not going to list


  • Unzip and place .erf in packages\core\override, delete to uninstall.
  • Can be installed at any point before entering the warehouse and talking to Keran.
  • If Sebastian was kidnapped and you uninstall the mod before rescuing him you will regret it.
  • Just don't uninstall before the quest is completed okay?

Special recognition:

  • Thanks very much to vaelsmod for the beta testing!!