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Recruit Sebastian in Act I + equal opportunity flirting

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Sebastian ASAP

What it does:


  • If Hawke joined Athenril's smugglers in the prologue, Repentance will be activated the next time Hawke travels to Hightown or the Chantry after completing Duty.
  • If Hawke joined Meeran's mercenaries, Repentance will not be available until the following prerequisites are also fulfilled:
    • Birthright, which is a prerequisite for Loose Ends, must be completed.
    • Loose Ends must either be completed or rejected.
      • If Hawke ends the conversation with Meeran without accepting the quest, this will fulfill the requirement for Repentance to activate. Accepting Repentance from Sebastian without completing Loose Ends will mark Loose Ends complete without quest rewards.
      • Some dialogue will differ based on whether or not Loose Ends was completed and upon the outcome of the quest.
  • Starting Sebastian's quests in Act I will not prevent you from completing them in Act II.
  • Dialogue has been edited and rearranged to accommodate Seb's early recruitment in the timeline as much as possible. No edits have been made to party banter.

Quest availability:

  • Act I: Duty, Repentance (Seb ASAP), The Starkhaven Longbow (Seb ASAP)
  • Act II: Duty, Repentance, The Starkhaven Longbow, Questioning Beliefs (50%)
  • Act III: Questioning Beliefs (50%), Faith, Questioning Beliefs (100%)

Known issues:

  • Seb's ambient conversation with Elthina that precedes Repentance may not trigger properly if the Chantry has already been loaded before the mod was installed. Clicking on Seb will cause it to play.
  • You will receive Sebastian's Act II codex update upon accepting the Repentance quest in Act I. I cannot locate the file that applies this to remove it.

Files modified:

  • dae000cr_grand_cleric.cnv
  • dae121ar_chantry.are
  • dae221ar_chantry.are
  • gen00fl_sebastian.cnv
  • plt_seb221pt_repentance.plo
  • seb221ip_at_hightown.utp
  • seb222ar_ruin.ncs


  • Install only one file.
  • Unzip and place .erf in packages\core\override, delete to uninstall.
  • Can be installed at any point, including before or after completing Duty.
  • Should not be uninstalled while the Repentance quest is active in Act I. Very important! You will be sad if you do this.

Bi Seb

  • This option also includes the changes made in my Bi Seb mod (previously released on tumblr) that allows Hawkes of either gender to romance Seb. If you've installed that mod, delete it, as it WILL heavily conflict with Seb ASAP.
  • This doesn't change Hawke's gender or the gender of the voiceover. mHawke will have some animated but unvoiced lines. Turn on subtitles!
  • This doesn't change any of Sebastian's dialogue. Some lines will misgender mHawke.
  • This doesn't change any of Hawke's dialogue as it was surprisingly gender neutral. One dialogue wheel option has been changed ("A prince needs a princess" → "Two princes are better than one.") This is the only line that will appear in English if your game is localized to another language.

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