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A handy fix to restore DA2 Isabela to a realistic version of her original DAO facial structure, so she looks properly Rivaini!

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Bioware has a problem with redesigning their characters, and by "a problem" I mean "whitewashing." For Isabela, they made her nose and mouth distinctly thinner and more European when changing her between DAO and DA2. So, I've gone ahead and resculpted DA2 Isabela's face to resemble her DAO self. She looks much more realistic and natural now, thanks in part to the unique face texture from Ellise's mod that I've used here, and in part because this is her actual face! Or, at least, what it used to be.

She is Rivaini, after all, and black - and she deserves to look like it in all the games, not just the first one. Yes, this is another of those mods, but the constant official whitewashing needs to be stopped, immediately. Bioware also lightened her skin tone, so I'll soon post a version of the mod that will fix the skin tone for her face and body. In the interest of universal compatibility, though, the facial structure fix is the main, and most important, file. 

This is obviously incompatible with any other mods that alter Isabela's DA2 face, but the main version should work just fine alongside any and all outfit mods! The skin tone fix version, when released, will not work with outfit mods - fair warning. (It involves edits to Isabela's body texture.)

Download and enjoy Isabela as she was meant to be!