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minor texture change to elf eyes

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This is a minor alteration to elf eyes. I always liked their concept look better, with the blackened sclera, so here's something purely cosmetic. It's just a simple texture change, the original eye texture having a black layer applied at diminished opacity to make the eyes black. Nothing else is changed, meaning if you have a mod that changes the iris texture it'll still apply to the elves - this just changes the whites of the eyes to black.

If you would like Fenris' and Merrill's irises to look how they do in most of these caps, google "da2 crystal eyes".

I've also included HD versions from Ellise's Unique Companion Textures for both Fenris and Merrill, as well as versions that uses Hawkethority's Original Brown Merrill. Nothing else is changed from their faces, just the eyes.


Take "Concept Elf Eyes.erf" and drop it into packages/core/override. If you're using Ellise's High-Res versions for Merrill and Fenris or Hawkethority's OBM, be sure to overwrite those with the corresponding folder. They're usable independently of the core file, so you can use just those to make your elf companions stand out a little more in the story.


Delete "Concept Elf Eyes.erf" from override.


Ellise for the High-Res Companion Retextures, Bioware for making Merrill, my mater for my life.