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Fixes Zevran's imported romance dialogue to play properly for a living warden once and for all

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Zevran Romance Dialogue Fix is now included in the more comprehensive Import Vault Fixes mod!

Update v2.0: This mod is now fully standalone, using custom plot scripts reading data directly from the save game itself, and no longer requires any other mods to function.

Zevran Romance Dialogue Fix

What it does:
  • Fixes (the final part of) that obnoxious long-standing bug where Zevran acted like a living romanced Warden was dead or non-existent
  • Restores four lines of dialogue for an imported romanced Zevran
  • Two of these only play in banter with Isabela, one of which is contingent on the Isabela threesome
  • Does not stop Zevran from flirting with Hawke! This is still Zevran after all! Does stop him from sneaking off for sex behind a bush though
  • More details in the "docs" tab for the curious

Files modified:
  • one300_zevran.cnv

  • Place the .erf in packages\core\override to install, delete to uninstall
  • Can be installed or uninstalled at any point without harming anything, though you obviously want to install before meeting Zevran