Fenris Markings Redux by Nightscrawl
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Added: 21/08/2014 - 11:52AM
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Last updated at 14:43, 22 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 11:52, 21 Aug 2014

-- Update, August 22, 2014 --
Added two more versions: Normal Slim and Light Slim. These are a bit slimmer on the neck. I think they look better and the Normal especially looks a lot closer to the body markings.

-- Description --
After years of putting up with Fenris's chalky markings and not being entirely satisfied with any of the Nexus versions I finally decided to do my own fix. These are drawn from scratch with some minor, hardly visible elements changed because I couldn't see a decent workaround for the problems I was having.

Please note that the pixelation seen is the texture stretching; there is nothing to be done about this. The texture stretching is part of how BioWare designed the face textures, and because this particular face has detailed lines on it, it tends to look poor. I saved the main face image in the highest quality so there would be minimal texture degradation once seen in the game.

There are three types to choose from:
* Normal - I tried to get these as close to the body markings as possible.
* Light - Only a faint outline. I like these the best although they don't match the body.
* None - I had to edit his face to make a blank canvas for the new markings so I thought I might as well upload that as an option for those that might want it. It looks odd since the markings on his body remain.

If you use the Light or None versions with a body/armor mod that has no markings shown, like the jacket in The Fenris Files, you won't have to worry about a face/body mismatch.

Note 1: This is ONLY a face texture replacement. It should work with any sort of morph as long as that morph does not replace the skin texture.

Note 2: This mod is NOT compatible with mods that make the glows match the markings. Those mods match the default markings and will LOOK BAD with these. You can continue to use glow mods if you want, but they will look bad. Any of the glow mod authors can use my face texture if they want to add another version of their glow mod to match, but since most of those mods are quite old, I don't imagine that will happen any time soon.

-- Installation --
Unzip and put the folder into your Override directory.

-- Uninstallation --
Delete the folder from your Override directory.