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VERSION 3 Now RELEASED 4/15/2011 - Fixed many issues in version 2. Should be a bug free release. VERSION 3.1 Hide-Helmet released 4/17/2011. Companion\'s helmet will now be hidden. Enjoy

Permissions and credits
6/17/2011: Sorry everyone, I got extremely bored of DA2 a few months ago. I'm glad people are still using this mod. Since I no longer am interested in this game, I won't be providing support. Any modder has my permission to improve on this. See you guys in DA3 =)

** Update 4/17/2011: Added 1 more version to hide helmets (due to requests), for those using file _v3_A.

...::: DA2 Equip Your Party :::...
Latest Version 3 (4/15/2011)

- This mod lets you put armor on your companions.
- All companions gain slots for head, hands, chest, feet.
- Evolving armor & stats removed from the game to keep balance.
- Experience DA2 from a RPG perspective. Assign attribute points to companions properly so they can equip proper items.
- Decide which of your companions wear which set of armor. You are now in control of your companions, not Bioware.
- No longer are 90% of all armor worthless because no one can use it. Every piece of armor can be used by you and/or your companions. This makes discovering items *interesting*.
- This is how DA2 should have been when it was released.
- Remember: Once you start a game using this mod, even if you "removed" the folder, all your saved games will be missing their regular armor -- the data is saved.
- If you wish to NOT use this mod, remove the mod from override, and start a new game.

...::: Version Updates :::...

Version 3 (released 4/15/2011)
Version 3 should be the most stable version. Many bugs have been fixed, including armor appearance not locking properly, nude companions, etc... There are some minor issues with romance armor not showing up -- this is related to the removal of evolving stats. As always, when the "fundamentals" of a game is altered drastically, do expect minor bugs from time to time, until bugs are discovered and fixed.

Version 3 (Equip_Your_Party_v3_A) <-- Show all helmet
- Fixed nude companions when you first meet them. All companions will now be properly dressed.
- Isabela, Sebastian, and normal Anders given new clothing. Their original armor are not in-game items. They're actually body morphs. In order for me to dress them, I used alternate clothing. Dark Anders retains his dark armor.
- There is something in the game that associate evolving stats with storyline plot armor upgrades. With evolving stats removed, your companion's ID flag does not upgrade. Therefore, armor appearance upgrades are currently disabled until I can find a fix for this.
- EVOLVING STATS are still disabled.
- Check your inventory when Aveline first joins your party. Starter armor has been given.
- Many other subtle fixes.

Version 3 (Equip_Your_Party_v3_A1) <-- Hide all helmet graphics
- This version is the same as Equip_Your_party_v3_A, except this version will hide all helmet graphics.
- To hide helmet graphics, unequip your helmet, and re-equip.
- ALL equipped helmets have been moved to equip in an INVISIBLE SLOT
- All helmets will now share inventory slot with "Others". This page is where your runes are held. All HELMETS NO LONGER PLACED IN ARMOR inventory page.
- You can swap helmets normally, however, because the helmet is held in an invisible slot, you can never remove a helmet completely (since you can't click it to remove it). You can ONLY replace a helmet. Not really an issue since all your characters should be wearing a helmet at all times.
- Equipped helmets will give normal armor & stat benefits just like they were wearing a helmet
- This version directly REPLACES Equip_Your_Party_v3_A. So, pick either this version (File v3_A1) or the original (v3_A). NOT BOTH.
- This works with current saved games running v3_A. Just delete the other version, drop this version in your override instead.
- There are NO OPTIONS to toggle helmets on or off. This version will always hide all equipped helmets.

Version 3 (Equip_Your_Party_v3_B) <-- Companion armor appearance never change
- All companion's appearance will now properly lock.
- Carver is given new armor appearance from the start. He no longer wears a muscle shirt -- he is given armor to wear.
- Aveline/Bethany/Carver will now properly lock in appearance. There was a small bug that I missed in version 2, which is now fixed.
- Aveline has been given a new armor appearance from the start, when you first meet her. This appearance will carry her throughout the rest of the game. (There is a slight issue with plot assignment, and making all equipment wearable for companions. A texture change was the easiest solution, without altering more files and potentially breaking other parts of the game.)
- EVOLVING STATS are still disabled.
- Check your inventory when Aveline first joins your party. Starter armor has been given.
- Many other subtle fixes.

...::: Compability :::...
This mod makes changes to the following files.
1. apr_base.gda
- This file is added to the game as an M2DA extension
2. equipmentlayout.gda
- This file is added to the game as an M2DA extension
3. itm_base.gda
- This file is added to the game as a direct replacement
4. rewards.gda.
- This file is added to the game as an M2DA extension

...::: Version Change Log :::...

V3.1 - Introduced a new file that will hide helmets for all companions.
Known Bug: Helmets currently worn in an invisible slot. All helmets are held in the character page "OTHER". This is minor, and does not affect the game in any way.

V3.0 - Fixed nude companions. Properly locked companion armor for people using File B. Fixed many small glitches.
Known bugs: Companion armor does not "upgrade" in appearance with story plot -- romance, aveline becoming guard captain etc...

V2.0 - Updated functions and features to be more stable. Removed evolving stats & armor from the game completely -- special thanks to Razcarn for discovering a fix for this.
Known bugs: Companions were nude when you first meet them. Armor was not locking properly for people using File B. Various small bugs needed to be fixed.

V1.0 - Released basic function to eqiup your party. Semi buggy release, a very much WIP as I collect feedback